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Philadelphia Union Press Conference

Getting off the topic of the "Hauptman Letter Debate" for a minute, some important info came out today regarding next Wednesday's MLS expansion draft. Here's the info, [per Steve Goff](http://voices.washingtonpost.com/soccerinsider/2009/11/mls_news_notes_1.html#more) (and NaperSteve -- who provided the tip):

> Philadelphia will select 10 players; current clubs must submit their 11-man protected list by Monday afternoon; no club will lose more than one player, which means five teams won't lose anyone; Generation Adidas and home-grown players [(for the Fire that means Baggio Husidic and Patrick Nyarko] need not be protected; developmental players claimed must be offered a senior contract; clubs must protect designated players that have no-trade clauses.

> -Steve Goff's Soccer Insider Obviously there could be some contractual stuff that plays out before Monday afternoon that would change this list but if I were the Fire here's who I would protect right now:

Mike Banner, C.J. Brown, Jon Busch, Wilman Conde, Peter Lowry, Marco Pappa (word is that the Fire will have to protect him despite his expiring loan -- I should have that confirmed in a few minutes), Logan Pause, Dasan Robinson, John Thorrington, Tim Ward, and Daniel Woolard.

I wouldn't include McBride because of his high salary and his likely unwillingness to play for anyone but Chicago. No Mapp either because of the salary concerns he would pose for Philly. Segares doesn't make the cut as he (as detailed yesterday) is likely to leave for Europe and I doubt Philly would want to take a chance with that.

We'll see what the list looks like come Monday though, no doubt it will be very interesting.


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  • Nowak will take Mapp in a heartbeat if he is left unprotected.

  • Pick McBride, at least he doesn't need a ladder to get over Ricketts.
    I was going to try to pick a team to keep, but we are dropping so many players this offseason I really don't know what to do.

  • If only Mapp showcased himself at all this year, he would have had a chance to get picked on this expansion team. Who knows, watch, the minute we let him go, he will turn into a star.

  • Isnt the CBA up after Sunday? Doesnt that mean that the salary cap has to go up? There is no way the players association doesnt get more money for the players. If thats the case then Mapp would be gone. Look how pathetic that list is that we are saving. Should throw Austin Washington on their too. The Menace likes him. And why wouldn't Philly take a chance with Gonzalo? What do they have to lose? They either dont get him or they get a MLS best XI defender. Hammy should save Caitlin Carr too, we need him for next year...

  • The CBA expires in late January.

  • In reply to cesba:

    So why would anybody sign a new deal now? I wonder if Gonzalo wants more money or more exposure? The salary cap has to go up. Philly has to know this when they are taking players so salary won't matter to them. I wonder if other teams are thinking about that when saving players. We have a lot of room with this salary cap now and with Blanco and McBride off the books thats another 800k right there. We need to pay the people that deserve it and not the ones that don't.

  • In reply to cesba:

    I agree with Sam's list except for:

    I would protect McBride instead of CJ if the reports that he is coming back are true and the low risk of CJ being taken

    Relative to Sega and Pappa I would protect whoever yiu have the greater chance of keeping and I might very well push to keep Sega over Pappa. Pappa's impact was much less without Blanco in the line-up and I believe Banner could be as effective if given the time.

  • Jaqua was supposedly going to europe and fire left him exposed and guess what he didn't go to europe.

  • In reply to fanaddict:

    Jaqua did play in Austria briefly and then came back to MLS when that club decided not to renew his contract.

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