UPDATE -- Blanco to Veracruz

Hey everyone, just wanted to clear a few things up in regards to the Blanco situation.

A source close to the situation told me that Blanco and Veracruz agreed to a one year deal -- which will begin in January -- with an opt out clause for any point in the year.  This means that Blanco can choose to leave Veracruz at any point during the one-year deal and either return to the Fire (who will continue negotiating with Blanco and his agent), join another team or retire.  

More specifically, Blanco will likely begin playing with Veracruz in January before the Mexican National Team players break for camp prior to June's World Cup.  The reasoning for this?  Well, it is likely that Blanco wants to stay in game shape from now until the World Cup and with the MLS offseason rapidly approaching, he needs to go to another league to do that. 
Overall, this move is somewhat similar to the one Blanco made to
Mexican club Santos Laguna in the 2008-09 offseason.  The difference
here is that this move is not a loan because -- starting in December --
the Fire do not hold his rights.  

If I had to guess, I would
say that Blanco will stay with Veracruz up until the World Cup and then
try and work something out with the Fire for the remainder of 2010. 
But again, that's just a guess.

I'll leave with a very quick summary. 

 - Blanco is joining Veracruz in January. 
 - However, he can opt out of his one year contract with them at any time.
 - The Fire will continue to negotiate with Blanco to try and get him back for the second half of 2010.

If you have any questions about
the situation at all, don't hesitate to ask in the comments section. 
I'll do my best to answer/find an answer to all of them.


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  • thanks for explaining that.

  • Who will boo him with me at the playoff game? anybody? anybody?

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    I think you are joking, right?

  • In reply to Drb1681:


  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    I just don't agree with sending negative vibes out at the game - especially during a playoff game. Top of the list concerns are the team, and advancing in the playoffs. So in the interest of those goals, jeering members of our squad stinks.

    Also, I think Blanco has been an all around positive to our club for his short career here. He is taking an opportunity to better his career while honoring his contract with the Fire, what's the problem?

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    I don't think it would be a good decision for the Fire to bring him back in at mid-season for a whole host of good reasons!!!

  • If he makes out good in W Cup then he might come back to Fire but he woun't be any younger or faster so do we really need him back. Plenty of DPs out there that might want to come to Chicago...

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