Matchday: 10/10

With a schedule jam packed with MLS and World Cup Qualifying action, today is a big day in the soccer universe. 

Some of the international matches sparking my interest include Denmark v. Sweden (1 p.m., FSE), Hungary v. Portugal (2:45 p.m., Setanta Sports), Mexico vs. El Salvador (5 p.m., Telemundo), Costa Rica v. Trinidad & Tobago (9 p.m., GolTV), and of course U.S.A. v. Honduras (9 p.m., somewhere on the internet...).  As far as MLS matches go, I'll be sneaking a peek at the Columbus v. New England game (6:30, FSC). 

None of these matches catch your eye?  Well, you can click here for a full schedule of today's soccer on TV.

As always, you should feel free to post your thoughts on any of today's matches in the comments section below.  I'll be checking in throughout the day, so feel free to pose any question that pops into your head as well.  Enjoy your Saturday. 


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  • bummer,,,,oh well ,,,,thanks for the info..

  • For those of you wondering, Cuauhtemoc Blanco has gotten the start for Mexico in their game against El Salvador. Blanco even got credit for the games opening goal -- although after watching the replay, it was pretty clear that the Salvadoran defender knocked the ball in for an own goal.

  • Blanco is off in the 33rd minute after scoring Mexico's second!

  • Make that 78th minute

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