Interview with Hamlett Wednesday afternoon (UPDATED)

I'll be interviewing Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett this afternoon and wanted to open up the floor for you all to pose some questions to the man in charge of the Fire. 

If you get your question in before 1 p.m., I'll do my best to get it answered for you.  I should have a post-interview piece up for you guys at around 3:30, so be sure to check back for that.

Tuesday, 3:47 p.m. -- Bad news everybody, I have yet to speak with Denis Hamlett today.  The team didn't call me at 1:30 (the time the interview was scheduled for...) and they just responded to my e-mails/text messages wondering what's up.  All of this means that there won't be a post up anytime soon.  I'll post an article shortly after I speak with Hamlett, but as of right now it looks like that will be sometime tomorrow. 

In the meantime, feel free to pose more questions for Hamlett to answer.  My apologies for the lack of content today, hopefully everything will be back to normal tomorrow.



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  • Knowing that you only need a tie Thursday, will you be playing for one? (We always play to win, is my predicted answer)

  • Fox's Christopher Sullivan observed that the Fire plays Blanco too high on the pitch. He feels he is more effective with two forwards ahead of him and playing deeper allows him to see more of the field.

    Javier Aguirre has also figured this out. Blanco's best games with the Fire have come with this alignment. Why has Hamlett not figured this out?

  • If anyone thinks he's not going to play for a tie.....Steve Nicol seems to think they were playing for one last Saturday. See below...

    It was about the same in the weekend's other scoreless draw, where Chicago sat back and waited for chances to counter, and where New England simply didn't have enough offensive muscle to find a way through.

    "I think they came to be tight," Revolution manager Steve Nicol said. "Certainly, the first 25 minutes of the game, we really put them under some good pressure and really just couldn't finish it off and get that goal to get us ahead. From 25 on, it was probably pretty even -- they were trying to break on us, they had a couple of chances on the break."

  • Does he realise that if the Fire lose we might not get into the playoffs?

  • Sam,

    You call him back and leave this message......

    "Denis, I'm still here......."

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