Interview with Hamlett Tomorrow

I'll be talking with Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett tomorrow afternoon and (in what is becoming a weekly feature here...) I wanted to open the floor for you all to pose a few questions.

Try and get your questions in by 12 noon tomorrow and I'll do my best to get Hamlett to answer them for you.  This will be my last post until tomorrow afternoon, when I'll be back with any news that Hamlett passes along. 


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  • Hamlett-where do you see yourself a year from now?

  • Coach Hamlett, great job this year,,,you've been here, what 10 years, what do you want us to remember you for....i'd say loyalty, passion and a 2009 championship...sound good?

  • With players leaving at the end of the season do they have people lined up that they are considering to help strengthen the squad for next season?if so what kind of players are they going to be?

  • What sparked Mapp's rise from the dead? He looked like college player until the last 2 games and now he's really contributing.

    What's happening with the defense for next year?

  • I doubt he'll have any answers regarding next year's team because it's far too early for that. And, he also does not have any answers regarding this year's team.

    I'll submit a question anyway.

    Did Hamlett take anything away from last week's Crew-Revs game in which the Crew beat them on the road essentially fielding their B team? The Crew beat them without Hejduk, Marshall, Rogers, O'Rourke, Moreno, and Schelotto. Does DH have any canned excuses planned for the eventual mind numbing tie that's coming this weekend?

    You can exclude the last sentence. There will be no excuse or reason good enough to justify coming away with less than three points on Saturday. The Revs have been and still are dealing with more crippling injuries than the Fire have this season. They also have a less talented roster, yet they are only three points behind somehow.

  • Chicago Fire Soccer and Best Buy are hosting the launch of EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 10, at the Best Buy Hancock Center store in Chicago, on Monday, Oct. 19th at 4:00 p.m.

    The Preliminary and Quarterfinal round of the tournament will be held during the FIFA Soccer 10 launch on Oct. 19th, while the Semifinal and Final Rounds will be held on Oct. 22nd at TOYOTA PARK before the Fire

  • I'm guessing your talking about regular season games yeah. Tie's are part of soccer, can't just change the rules to the rest of the world and FIFA to make it more exciting. Next will be wanting to make the goals bigger so it makes it easier to score.
    Don't fix it if it's not broken.

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