Interview with Hamlett Tomorrow

Hey everyone, just wanted to open up the floor for any questions you have for Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett.  I'll be interviewing him tomorrow afternoon so get your questions posted by noon and I'll do my best to get them answered. 

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.  I'll be back tomorrow.


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  • How is he going to prepare differently for the playoffs than he does for normal games?

  • Hamlett,

    With the lack of momentum going into the final regular season games, do you plan on playing for a tie in NE, or do you press them and look to make a point to grab momentum in the playoffs? Go Fire

    TKing, Chicago, IL

  • How does he expect the Revolution to approach the two games? Will they go for broke and actually attempt to play the game despite their injuries and missing players or will they resort to their typical boring, pushing, shoving, fouling, whining tactics to make up for a lack of talent?

    Will he play into their hands by trying to match them with a 0-0 tie on the road like he did last year?

  • Denis,

    How were you informed about the game change from Sat to Sun? Do you agree with the reasons for the change?

    Will Andrew Hauptman be in attendance for any Fire playoff games this year to your knowledge?

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