Afternoon Notes: Interview with Hamlett tomorrow, Commisioner Garber to

Hey everybody, thought I'd let you know that I will be interviewing Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett tomorrow, so if you have a question for him now is the time to ask.  Try and get them in by 12:00 and I'll do my best to get them answered for you.

And in other MLS-related news, League Commissioner Don Garber is in London to talk with the leaders of English soccer about introducing more financial responsibility into the European game.  Garber is planning to talk about MLS's salary cap model and how it contributes to stability in the league -- and how that stability is something European leagues should strive for. 

Finally, last week commenter 'dj' posed a question for Denis Hamlett
regarding which side the Fire choose to defend if they win the coin
toss.  I forgot to provide Hamlett's answer to that question earlier,
so here it is now.
"It depends," said Hamlett.  "Obviously if
there's wind involved that plays into it and our guys like attacking
with the wind in the second half.  But if there's no wind we like to
attack [going towards] the supporters section in the second half


So that's all for now, but be sure to pose any question you have for Hamlett in the comments section below.


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  • Please ask DH if there is a plan if the Fire don't win last 2 games and might end up being a wild card?

  • Has the coaching staff noticed that Pappa depends entirely too much on his left foot? This was evident months ago and apparently opposing teams have discovered this, which is why he has been largely been effective for the last 3 months. It also was glaringly apparent while muffing an opportunity that should/could have resulted in a goal against LA. What is the coaching staff doing to correct this problem? Does he even acknowledge that there is a problem at all?

  • In reply to cesba:

    It's quite common with alot of players even Dani Alves of Barcelona has no left foot at all. But you would have thought the fire coaching staff would have done some work with him on going to his right and shooting with it, beacuse now all the defnders are showing him onto his right foot and not expecting much from it.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Ask Hamlett on whether he really believes that the Fire can still get home-field-advantage?

  • It would f**k up the european game, you'll get even more players heading over into europe for big bucks. The middle east will become a hot bed for super rich contracts for the big players.

  • I have a two-part question. Who among the injured are we likey to see on the field and when?

    I read that Hamlett said the recent lack of finishing is due in part to some of out guys playing out of position, and with the injury situation that is understandable. With that said, Myrie, the Costa Rican defender was acquired recently, but we haven't seen or heard much about his progress. If he's ready, wouldn't we have at least one less guy playing out of position?

  • In reply to mcnessa:

    I heard he isn't as good as what they have, and that being players playing out of position ahead of him can't say much for the player. But will have to see before we can judge that upon him.

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