Rolfe relishing final days with Fire

Chris Rolfe

With just 3 regular season games remaining before he leaves MLS to join Danish club Aalborg, Fire midfielder/forward Chris Rolfe is taking in every moment of his last few weeks with Chicago.

"Knowing that my games at Toyota Park are numbered for now makes it something that I definitely want to take full advantage of," said the 26-year-old Rolfe prior to Saturday's game against Toronto FC. "I'm going to really appreciate everything [here], especially the last night that we play."

But Rolfe isn't just looking at his final days with the Fire as a time to reminisce about his years in Chicago. Rather, his impending January move to Denmark has only served as further motivation for Rolfe to get his hands on that ever-elusive MLS Cup. "I've always been extremely motivated to get to the Cup and to win," said Rolfe. "But this year is... different. This is my last chance, at least for now."

There is no doubt that bringing home an MLS title would be a great way for Rolfe to leave MLS. But will Rolfe have the chance to win any MLS Cups beyond the 2009 season?

"I mean you never know what's going to happen," Rolfe said. "This league has been good to me so far and at some point it may be good for me again down the road."

It's good to see that Rolfe is taking the right approach to the end of his time with the Fire. Personally, I would have been surprised had it worked out any other way, but all the same it's reassuring to know that his imminent departure from the club only serves as extra motivation for him.

It's also good to hear that Chris isn't ruling out a future return to MLS. It would be cool to see Rolfe 'pull a McBride' and return to the league after his European career comes to a close and I'm sure the Fire would be glad to have him back if that day ever comes.

I'll be updating Rolfe's hamstring condition later on in the week but hopefully we'll see Chris will be ready in time for this Friday's game at the Galaxy. The Fire certainly could use the dividends that should come from his extra motivation.


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  • Hopefully we can pull off a miracle and get home field advantage in the playoffs, so that his last games will be at TP. I'll be sad to see him go and I want to go to his last game, whenever it is.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    hopefully we'll drop to a wildcard spot so that we *won't* get home field advantage so we'll have a shot at actually winning a game.

  • In reply to manyou07:

    As bad as it has been for the Fire at home the last 2 years they always seem to win at home in the playoffs , I can not remember the team ever losing a home playoff game.

  • Maybe by the time Rolfe is ready to come back to MLS we'll have a coach who will know how to use him.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Yep, I still say Hamlett did not make it a tough choice for Rolfe to leave , he had him coming off the bench at the start of the year , then at midfield, then at forward, back to the midfield , back to the foward line , now he pushed him all the way to Demark.

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