Mid-Week Update to Come Later

Hey everybody, I'll be talking with Denis Hamlett at around 1 p.m. today so I'll be able to post an update at around 2-2:30.  You can feel free to post any questions you would like to see Hamlett answer at the bottom of this thread -- I'll try and take a look at them if I can.

Check back at 2:30 for the Mid-Week Update.


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  • how does he rate daivd myrie the new kid? and when will we see him feature.

    Also what are his plans a the end of the season after he gets sacked??

  • your late its 3:00

  • Fire to open up Red Bull Arena next season. Got to love that Chicago will be the first team to earn a W in that awesome looking arena. Home opener for Fire on April 10th agains SJ, snooze. Go Fire!

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