Mid-Week Update 9-30: Blanco, Rolfe, Segares to miss Galaxy match

Cuauhtemoc Blanco

I just got off the phone with Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett. Here are a few notes from the conversation...

**Injury Updates:**

**Cuauhtemoc Blanco -Left Hamstring Strain - Listed As Questionable**

Despite being listed as "Questionable" on the Fire's injury report, Denis Hamlett told me that Temo will miss his second straight game this Friday against the Galaxy. Hamlett did also say that Blanco is "progressing well," and that the team hopes to have him back in time for their next game, October 17th at New England. **Chris Rolfe - Left Hamstring Strain - Listed as Questionable**

As you can see, Rolfe's injury status is a carbon copy of Blanco's. Unfortunately for the Fire, his status for Friday's game is also the same, and the forward/midfielder will not be available against the Galaxy.

"He's progressing well too but he's still feeling the hamstring," said Hamlett. "We're going to have him give this week a rest he should be back 100% in time for the game against New England."

**Gonzalo Segares - Left Knee Sprain - Listed as Doubtful**

Along with the aforementioned Rolfe and Blanco, the Fire will also be without Segares for Friday's game in California. Gonzalo, who looked to be ready to return from his MCL injury in time for last week's game against Toronto, re-aggravated his knee in training last week and will be out for at least this week's game.

"He took a step back," Hamlett said of the Costa Rican left back. "He hasn't trained at all this week."

Furthering the bad news is the fact that Hamlett told me that Gonzalo likely won't return until after the New England game on October 17th.

**John Thorrington - Right Groin Strain - Out**

Thorrington will miss his fourth straight match this Friday, but the banged-up central midfielder seems to be progressing.

"You're always concerned when there's an injury. In his case we diagnosed what the issue was and now he's starting the process," said Hamlett. "This week he's working some strength therapy and he's been able to do that, so from our standpoint he's been moving forward and he's progressing."

**Myrie Update:**

With the injuries to defenders piling up, inquiring minds were wondering if we would see the Fire debut of recently acquired outside back David Myrie this weekend. However, Myrie is still very new to the team so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that - in all likelihood - he won't see the field Friday night.

"We still see other guys that are ahead of him," said Hamlett. "I still have confidence in the group of guys that I have on the field and we just have to work... to make sure that we become better so we don't have those lapses [that we've had in previous games] in the few games that we have left."


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  • It sounds as if Hamlett isn't a big fan of Myrie. if the defense is short and the team is using players out of position (Banner) and the likes of CJ as an ouside back, why not bring in the player? What was the point of signing him if they would rather re-shuffle players aroudn than play a player in his naturaly position?

  • Sam,

    Is there something else wrong with Segares besides the MCL injury? It seems a little odd to me that two weeks ago he was almost ready to go and now he's going to miss another 3 weeks if he doesn't come back until after the Revs match.

    I don't see any update about protein shakes or vitamins? Maybe Osorio has started a health store and is trying to sell protein shakes to the Fire. ;) Twellman may also be trying to sell unused tight shirts to the Fire since his career may be over due to constant concussions.

    I would also like to know, since Hamlett made a point of saying he was disgusted with the defensive performance against TFC and made a point to mention constant "lapses".....why it is that he is afraid to play the defender that they just signed. If he still sees other guys ahead of him, does that mean that he is not as good as the other guys who are constantly making mistakes? Is he struggling mightily in practice? Can he possibly not be as good as Austin Washington?

    By the way, Myrie dressed for the game on Saturday after Rolfe pulled the hammy during warm-ups and wore #26. Could it be that Hamlett is jealous that he's wearing Andy Herron's old number?

  • In reply to cesba:

    I'm just guessing that Segares rushed back to training fast, i know when players have been out injured for a while the first 2 weeks of training is the most likely that they will have a minor strain either the same injury or somewhere else.

    I know what you mean about the protein shakes, can we get in double the amount for Nyarko the guy must be about 150lbs and looks like a long distance runner.

    I don't get it either about Myrie if he isn't as good as what they have in now, and now they are playing players out of position why sign him them? why not wait until the end of the season so see which players are leaving and which will be cut etc.

  • In reply to cesba:

    I'm wondering if they are being 100% truthful about the extent of Segares' injuries.

    I was joking about the protein shakes. The Fire have a weight room...they need to use it.

    The Myrie situation just accentuates the cluelessness of this coach. I wonder what Klopas thinks about his coach basically saying that the guy that he signed isn't as good as the guys who weren't that good in the first place?

  • In reply to cesba:

    Yeah i've read that Segares is fit and ready to play.

    Well i suggest that Nyarko should especially and a few others should take some sleeping bags and start living in the gym.

    Yeah the Myrie situation i don't get at all. I mean Don't complain about the lack of numbers and how the depth of the squad is tested when they have a defender they just signed who foir some reason Hamlett won't play.

    I wonder why Klopas signed him was there anyone else they were thinking of bringing in?

  • In reply to cesba:

    I don't know if there was anyone else who they were thinking of but I have a list of guys who were available that they passed on.

    None are great names but Kelly Gray is an experienced MLS defender who was available. He is also better than Austin Washington and would not have cost a great deal.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Well i know they passed up on one of my friends good friend from england, James Sinclair. He would have cost nothing to bring in aswell.

    I wonder what Hamlett's choice would have been between Gray and Myrie.

  • In reply to cesba:

    I wonder what Hamlett's choice would have been between Gray and Myrie

    Austin Washington, Mike Banner, and Brandon Prideaux.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Well hopefully Hamlett wont be around much longer to makes those choices.

  • In reply to MythosFC:

    I am not so sure if Hamlett will be back or not and for this reason, if he was not going to be back I do not think thye would have got rid of Soumare. If management was going to get rid of Hamlett , they would have told him to cool it with Bakary. The fact they got rid of him and took Hamlett's side to me indicates he may be back. He says the defense has not been good? well , he is the one who pushed and got Soumare out of here. Soumare was not having a good year as an individual , but we know when he and Conde were in the lineup together that this team almost never lost.

  • In reply to FireMLS:

    The Fire was 6-0-4 this year with both Conde and Soumare in the line-up.

    Way to go Hamlett!

  • In reply to cesba:

    While we're on the subject, Nyarko should take steroids. Horse steroids. Myrie is still too new to the team after like 3 weeks? It sounds like another Baky situation. I now KNOW that we aren't going to win this game and possibly begin a monumental collapse mainly because we didn't take a risk and start the best players. (No not Blanco, Rolfe and Segares!)

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    haha good point should slip some to the doctor to give to him

  • In reply to cesba:

    BTW Sam, still any idea of a October 9th practice?

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Nothing yet.

  • In reply to SamuelStejskal:


  • In reply to SamuelStejskal:

    Play Blanco against the Galaxy. He can rest on Oct 10 as Mexico gets upset by T&T.

  • In reply to SamuelStejskal:

    If Hamlett gets a new contract I dont know if I would renew my season tickets. Its bad enough that I have had to sit and watch such crap at home. Its amazing how someone that has arguably the best and most deep team in the league still has a job when his home record is 4-4-5... I know we all love the team and everything but there comes a time when we need to let them and the ownership know that this simply isnt good enough. Like maybe booing when we draw another game.

  • In reply to SamuelStejskal:

    I'm sure the only reason Blanco isn't playing is because he wants to make sure he is 100% for the Mexico game. I also wish Hamlett would just play Myrie so we all can see just how good, or not good he really is... but if Washington is playing over him... he must be terrible.

  • In reply to SamuelStejskal:


    Any ideas of how much Myrie is making?

  • In reply to MythosFC:

    Myrie is making $34,000.00 according to the updated MLS players union release.

    Now we know why a more experienced player wasn't signed......they're pocketing the difference on Soumare's salary at the expense of results.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Thats low. Must explain why my buddies friend James Sinclair wasn't signed then. However i was told he was offered a low development contract until the end of the season. So if it was about saving money they could have done that and braught in a versitile player too.

  • In reply to cesba:

    I hear Patrick Veira is interested in the MLS... lets get him :)

  • In reply to MythosFC:

    Upon further review.....

    It is possible that, due to MLS' crazy salary cap rules, the Fire was not able to use all of Soumare's salary dollars to sign a player. Since Soumare was a generation adidas player under age 25 he could have been counted as a fifth SD/GA player on the roster (Washington, Lowry, Husidic, and Nyarko are the other 4 Dev players). By MLS rules the 5th SD player is grandfathered and would count against the senior roster but would not count against the salary budget.

    By my estimation, the Fire's current salary amount with relation to the cap/budget is $2,308,326 which appears to be in line with MLS' supposed cap number of $2.3 mil.

    I have alot of time on my hands..............

  • In reply to MythosFC:

    They should have also received allocation money for the Soumare transfer which apparently remains unused.

  • In reply to MythosFC:

    Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier -- it's been a busy day. But looks like Guillermo's got you covered on this one.

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