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Hey everybody, it's a busy afternoon for me so here's a few quick links to get you through the day. 

Here's a brief interview the Chicago Fire media relations people did with new acquisition David Myrie.  Not a whole lot there, but worth checking out.

MLS announced yesterday that the league will take a break during the Group Stage of next year's World Cup (June 10-25) and that all 16 teams (remember Philadelphia is coming in next season...) will play each other twice -- once at home and once on the road.  In my opinion both of those things are good moves by the league.


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  • All teams playing double round-robin? Single Table? Why not? What's the point of conferences now? The top 8 teams can still make the playoffs, but just put everyone in a single table.

    Then, as the league expands, +2 games/expansion.

  • In reply to Byron:

    I agree. Conferences really become obsolete with this set-up. Wouldn't be surprised to see them go by the wayside in the next couple of years.

  • In reply to Byron:

    MLS does it's fans wrong by trying to adjust to the taste of what they think American fans want. I don't think they could be more wrong about this. Just look at how popular the European leagues have become here in the USA recently. I don't think those were new fans really that just decided to embrace the Euro leagues, I think it's because MLS is botching up on many things like league format and the playoff system (which just got fixed a bit this year), and because of this, they are going back to the Euro leagues to get what they are wanting.

    I can live with MLS teams having a salary cap of less than 2.4 million total, which equates to lesser talent and lower level of play. I can live with the playoff format (even though I believe the Supporter's Shield should hold more weight). But I just can't stand how MLS is trying to cater the game towards American tastes. I know there has got to be a fine line to balance this. Right now, there is no need for an East and a West conference. Let's just abolish it.

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