Fire Practice Report -- 9/16

SuperLiga 2009 Final Tigres UANL v Chicago Fire

I was at the Fire's practice session today and picked up a few tidbits of info from the training session. Here they are... **Some info on David Myrie -**

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to meet the newest member of the Fire today but I did talk to Head Coach Denis Hamlett about the 21-year-old outside defender. Here's what he had to say...

"He's a guy that I think has got some potential to play in this league. I think athletically he's a handful and technically he's pretty decent, he's got decent feet. Now it's just a matter of getting him into our environment and for him start to adapt to a new language, new culture, new league, and the pace of the game and just getting up to speed with that. I think once he does that then I think he'll be ok but it's going to take time."

OK, so Myrie - who Hamlett called an "attacking minded player" who "can get up and down the flank" - seems like more of a 'project player.' But will we see him on the field in 2009?

"We'll see," said Hamlett. "We'll just continue to see how he deals with us and our environment and I think that will sort of dictate if [we use] him in these next five games plus playoff games."

But why sign Myrie now? I mean the Fire has had an open roster spot for weeks...

"Well just because you have a spot doesn't mean you jump and sign somebody," said Hamlett. "You have to make sure it's the right mix. We've had guys throughout the summer that we've looked at and it just didn't all add up."

I'll have more information on David Myrie (possibly even an interview) in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that. But I'm excited to see how he works out as a player and hopefully he'll get some time on the field in the near future...

**Injury (and Blanco) updates -**

Three players that missed the Fire's game against Real Salt Lake last Saturday - Cuauhtemoc Blanco (Work Visa issues...), Gonzalo Segares (MCL) and John Thorrington (Hamstring) - were back training with the Fire today. Blanco will be ready to go on Sunday but as for the injured Thorrington, things aren't as clear.

"He was out here this morning," said Hamlett of Thorrington. "He got through the first part and tomorrow we'll get him going hopefully full go depending on how he responded to today."

Gonzalo told me that he wouldn't be ready to play this weekend but that he will be back for next Saturday's game against Toronto FC.

Well that's all I have for now. I'll be back tomorrow with some more coverage of the Fire-Crew game and some more answers to questions that you guys posed yesterday.


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  • Good to hear that not jumping up to sign somebody means waiting until 2 hours before the deadline so that you can jump through hoops to get paperwork ratified. Nice.

    Also good to hear that you filled a roster spot previously taken up by an MLS First 11 player with a guy who may not be able to help you this year although it's clear that your team is built to win THIS year.

    If Myrie is not better than Austin Washington RIGHT NOW this makes little sense.

  • I agree with Guillermo. This signing makes little sense if he can't 1. fill in immediately for Baky and 2. is a can't miss prospect we would be dumb to pass up. It appears he is neither, and that really bugs me about what the brains are thinking up there in the front office. Give us some reason please!

    I think I am not alone when I say, we have a very good team now that's being taken apart right before our eyes.

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