McBride Injury Update

MLS: May 31 FC Dallas at Fire

When word got out that Fire forward Brian McBride had undergone surgery to repair a torn right labrum on July 17th, a lot of people surrounding the Fire were -- understandably -- shocked. McBride -- who underwent a similar surgery on his right shoulder in 2003 -- hadn't missed a MLS game all year and had played the full 90 minutes in the Fire's SuperLiga semifinal win over New England only two days prior to the operation. So, when McBride was at Toyota Park on Saturday night to take in the Fire's 1-0 win over Real Salt Lake, it was only natural that the Arlington Heights native addressed the origin of his injury.

"It was there for four months," said McBride of the labrum tear. "It was basically there from the beginning of the season. The one thing that I couldn't do was hold players off on my right side which is normally my strong side and that was it."

But if McBride had played with the injured shoulder for the whole season, why have surgery halfway through?

"There's a lot to it," said McBride on the rationale for having the operation. "I think maybe some other time I can talk about that but it was just there for awhile and talking with [Head Coach Denis Hamlett] and the ownership they thought that [July 17th was] a better time to do it than another time."

The 37 year old McBride, who is in the last year of his contract, also responded to questions regarding whether or not he would return to the Fire next year.

"I can only tell you how I feel and I feel great," said McBride. "I enjoy being around the staff and the guys and I love playing in Chicago but we'll see what happens. I mean I'm not trying to skirt around the answer; I love being here and I feel like I can play more but that decision will probably be made somewhere in December.

But apart from all of the mystery surrounding McBride's plans for 2010 and his reasons for undergoing surgery remains the fact that his recovery is going well so far.

"This is the best I've felt coming out of surgery," he said. "I feel great."

So what do you think about the reason (or lack thereof...) that McBride gave for undergoing surgery? I think it's a bit strange that he (and the team) are reluctant to talk about why McBride went under the knife. Purely speculating, it looks like it might have something to do with his contract ending this year...


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  • Was the injury going to get worse if he continued playing? If not I'm surprised he did not play through it.

  • brian is fearless and not stupid. get it fixed and hang em up.

  • If you get the chance, can you ask McBride if he doesn't return as a player next season would he be open to taking a job on the coaching staff? Not even necessarily with Hamlett but maybe as like an academy coach or something? Imagine if you had McBride coaching your academy? We'd have like the best academy in the league, that'd be interesting. But just in general, if he'd be open to taking any other position on the Fire after retiring.

  • In reply to Warren:

    I can definitely ask him that. Not sure if he'll want to talk about it until he makes a decision though...

  • Who cares he still got Barrett out of town......

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