Matchday: 8-19

The Fire are almost ready to kick it off against the L.A. Galaxy at Toyota Park, but before the match gets going at 8 p.m (you can catch it on ESPN2) I simply had to get the Matchday post up.  I'll be providing updates for you guys from TP throughout the night so look for those later on.  Until then, pray for some nicer weather and comment away to your heart's content...


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  • Just getting settled in at a (thankfully) dry Toyota Park. I'll post the lineups when they are released.

    Unfortunately I missed Denis Hamlett before the game (the 45 minute drive to Bridgeview turned into a 2 hour one...) so I don't have his thoughts on the whole Baky situation -- yet. Thankfully, C.J. Brown offered his perspective on the 'incident' so I should have something with those quotes up by the end of the week.

  • The lineups have been released and here they are...

    Fire --





    Bench: Dykstra, Banner, Brown, Carr, Dimitrov, Mapp

    Good to see Conde and Thorrington get back in there. Interesting that the lineup has Rolfe listed as a forward and Blanco as a midfielder. We'll see how that one actually plays out though...

    Galaxy --





  • Looks like the lineup sheet was wrong (not for the first time either...). Blanco is indeed in his familiar role up top and Rolfe is playing on the right wing.

  • Well this one's a wrap. Fire fall 2-0 to the Galaxy. Goals from Magee and Donovan and the Fire don't register a single shot on goal. Not even one.

    Check back later for the full match report, but until then feel free to share your thoughts (and disappointment...) below.

  • Can Baky (or anybody) please punch Denis Hamlett?

  • I think its time for denis hamlett to be fired i was at the game today and the fire team looks bad very bad can't pass can't score i have seen little kids play better than fire played today its just sad how they played i am thinking about going to the fire office and asking my money back that's how mad i am about todays game

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