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Hey everybody, kind of a slow news day for the Fire (so far anyway...) so I'm taking a little break from writing and simply sharing some links today.  I'll be back to the grind tomorrow with a Fire Practice Report though, so keep an eye out for that.

Steve Davis of ESPN Soccernet writes about the somewhat surprising fact that tickets are still available for Saturday's World Cup Qualifier between the U.S. and El Salvador in Salt Lake City.  Check it out here...

Here's an article courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune's Michael Lewis highlighting the growth of American soccer since the '94 World Cup

The most interesting read of the day comes from my former boss Ives Galarcep, who writes about the possible mass exodus of players from the Fire this offseason.


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  • Was McBride taken of injury list? Since his recovery is going so well when might be his first game back?

  • In reply to Adam25:

    McBride was not listed on the injury report this week in any capacity (i.e. not even listed as probable or questionable). I plan on talking to him (and/or asking Denis about him) at tomorrow's practice and clearing up the whole situation.

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