Fire vs. Tigres UANL: Previewing the Final

Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Wilman Conde

Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett entered this year's SuperLiga tournament with one clear goal: Win. It. All.

Tonight Hamlett and his charges finally get the chance to do just that, as they take on Mexican club Tigres UANL (some links on Tigres and more are at the post's end...) at Toyota Park tonight (7 p.m. on TeleFutura) for the 3rd annual SuperLiga championship.
The Fire and Tigres, who will be competing for a $1 million winner's check (though not all of that goes to the players...), have already met once in SuperLiga play, with the Fire falling to Tigres 2-1 in the last match of Group A action on June 27th.

The first match went horribly wrong for the Fire - Hamlett called the team's play "absolutely terrible" - but they are looking to improve upon the first result and are hoping to walk away with the SuperLiga crown.

"We didn't play particularly well," said Fire forward Patrick Nyarko when asked about the team's performance in the first match against Tigres. "We have to make it a point to come out firing and set the tone. I think it's going to be a little bit easier playing them because we've played them before and we know what they like to do best but we've got to come out and play well."

The Fire's play should be given a boost by the fact that Coach Hamlett will be playing the team's best 11 this time around. In the last match against Tigres - who didn't send their 'A' squad to SuperLiga - the Fire played a motley crue of sorts, starting normal reserves Brandon Prideaux, Austin Washington and Daniel Woolard in a back four that performed very poorly.

That said, the Fire do still have to score goals to win and playing without Brian McBride and - possibly - Cuauhtemoc Blanco due to injury will do nothing to help that cause. That being said, I see no reason why the Fire should not win this game and bring home the trophy, which brings me to...

**The Prediction:**

I'm going to say the Fire take this one home by a score of 2-0. I'll say that Marco Pappa and Patrick Nyarko get the goals for the Fire and that Tigres doesn't do too much to trouble the Fire in their own end.

So, let's hear your predictions. I was the only one to predict the correct score for last Saturday's match (Come on now. I am not good at these...) but Joey and Guillermo were runners-up with 2-0 predictions. Hopefully you all can do better this time around. Best of luck...

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  • My understanding is that the full Tigres squad is playing in this one, not the reserves, I find it odd Nyarko doesn't know that since it will be a totally different team.

  • I'll go with 2-1 Fire on goals by Pappa and Segares. Hopefully there's a good turnout for this match. Tigres did not have their full squad for the first one but then again the Fire played a less than full strength side and the starters who did play seemed to be going through the motions.

  • 1-0 Fire. Goal by Rolfe from his favorite spot at the top of the box. Also, John Busch comes through with an enormous save in the 87th minute.

  • I'm not so optimistic. Per the web site Conde and Thorrington are out and if Blanco is missing as well it could be grim.

    I say its the same score as the group stage with Tigres taking it 2-1 though the SuperLiga Final tends to go to penelaties so we'll see......

    I hope the crowd is a good one. I know they were originally selling tickets on the East side but then opened up at least part of the West side so maybe it will be a good one.

    C'mon FIRE let's lift a trophy tonight!!!!!

  • just bought tickets. the only thing available is midfield, on the west side. the ticket office said that this is a very good game for them. Section 8 says to bring all of the confetti that you can. should be a good time...great if the Fire win.

  • I like the first five words of your article,
    "Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett"

    That should be the end of the piece.

  • This will be one of the hardest games for the Fire, I fear the Fire will lose this one 3-1. If the guys like Chris, Marco, Partick don't pull the trigger and keep passing the ball, chances won't be there to score. Good luck Fire.

  • I'm pretty sure the boys are ready to kick some tail. So they're gonna want this pretty bad, epecialy since they have'nt lifted a trophy in 3 years. THEY CAN DO IT!!! FIRE4EVER

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