Dasan Robinson -- What his performance on Sunday means for the Fire

Dasan Robinson

After his poor performance in the Fire's 2-0 defeat to the L.A. Galaxy last Wednesday night, center back Dasan Robinson was pretty upset. But the 25-year-old defender - who got beat on both Galaxy goals - bounced back in a major way Sunday night against the Rapids, playing solid defense and scoring a stoppage time winner to cap a miraculous Fire comeback.

"I thought [Dasan] and [fellow center back C.J. Brown] did great tonight," said Fire keeper Jon Busch. "Dasan is a good pro, he was very disappointed in himself Wednesday night and we talked about it and I told him he was going to be just fine. I know the character he has and I knew that he was going to be good tonight and he was."
Head Coach Denis Hamlett also took notice of Dasan's solid performance on Sunday.

"Tonight his instincts - as far as stepping and winning balls - were good," said Hamlett. "You have to be careful because when you play against a fast guy (Omar Cummings anybody?) you don't want to get caught in the wrong spot, but I think overall he was pretty good tonight."

Given the injury to Wilman Conde and the impending sale of Bakary Soumare, the best thing about Dasan's solid - if not spectacular - performance on Sunday night wasn't his solid defense or his crucial goal, but rather the confidence that it must have inspired in the Fire coaching staff. True, Dasan may not have the talent of opening day starters Baky and Conde, but his performance on Sunday showed that he can be a solid contributor for the Fire, and that in itself is important.

Now, I'm not trying to jump to any conclusions here - after all Sunday's performance was only one game - but I think Dasan's reemergence represents good things for the Fire. With the lack of depth at center back the team will certainly need him for the remainder of the season and - with the uncertain statuses of C.J. Brown and Wilman Conde for 2010 - he figures to play a big role for the Fire next year too, so hopefully Sunday's performance is a sign of things to come. Personally, I think Dasan will do fine as a center back when called upon and - despite the departure of Bakary Soumare - the Fire don't have too much to worry about in the back.


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  • Any more news on Baky? Is it officially official yet?

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    I read some reports the Baky is on loan to French side. I think the deal was closed today...Sam whats the word?

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Just got off the phone with a contact in the Fire front office. They said nothing is official yet, but they're going to speak to Frank Klopas and get back to me with an update on Baky's situation.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Open Cup Final??? Who takes that seriously anymore... oh.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    They also have the Open Cup Final next week vs. Seattle.....

  • i like dasan but taking off his shirt and getting ejected was a bonehead move. not being available for the next game could impact the team.

  • Could? It will. Now we only have CJ and he didnt look 100% after that injury in the first half. I bet its even worse now. We should have never sold Bakary under these circumstances. Especially with all the injuries and for only 2.1m.

  • Robinson had a much better performance Sunday than he did against LA, but that shouldn't be considered a huge achievement to be honest.

    Dasan's goal was a great morale booster for the team and a needed shot of confidence for Robinson; however, his inability to keep his composure cost this team a much needed defender given how thin we are in the back (3 injuries and one guy sold off).

  • It sux we'll be missing another defender but it was great to see the unbridled joy in getting that goal (as best as I could see from the opposite goal). But the backline is ungodly thin and I think we're going to be very vulnerable against DC.

  • IMO as long as we keep scoring or keeping the goalie busy with a little ball posetion then I don't care if we play with 3 defenders. Stuff the midfield with 5 and keep a thight formation maybe will survive with a tie...maybe

  • DC is struggling big time these days and plays Toluca tomorrow. This has got to be 3 points for us no matter hwo plays on the backline. Conde will have had 10 days since the run out versus the Gals so hopefully he'll be good to go.

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