A (brief...) Interview with Chris Rolfe

Chris Rolfe

I was able to speak with Fire midfielder/forward Chris Rolfe before Sunday's game against Colorado. Unfortunately, the interview isn't as in-depth as I would like (I was only able to speak with Chris for a grand total of three minutes before he headed onto the field to prepare for the game), but I thought I'd share the transcript with you guys anyway... **You've scored two goals in the last three games (now the last four...), what's been the key to your recent success?**

**CR:** I had those two games with the goal in each and I'm just trying to do my role with the team. It's nothing different, it's just the fact that I've gotten a couple opportunities and I've been able to finish them off.

**Ever since the team has fallen victim to all of these injuries you seem to have stepped up a bit. Are you feeling any extra weight on your shoulders with all of your fellow first-teamers out?**

**CR:** I don't feel any extra weight on my shoulders but I feel a bit of a responsibility to the team. I feel more of a responsibility to the team and I feel like there some of the guys are maybe counting on me more to produce more, and I'm glad I've been able to.

**Let's talk about your season as a whole. You started off 2009 not getting as many minutes as you would have liked but you eventually broke into the team. Can you talk about the frustration starting off and what it was like to get that regular starting spot back?**

**CR:** It's been a challenging year for me but I'm pleased with the way it's turned around so far. But I still have a lot to prove and a lot that I can do to help the team. It was difficult at the start of the year but now I'm back in the lineup and hopefully I can stay there.

**After years playing forward, you broke into the starting 11 this year at outside mid. Do you find that you have a preference for either position?**

**CR:** It doesn't really matter to me. I can enjoy both positions I think and help the team equally from both roles.

**Obviously this is the final year of your current contract. Ideally, where do you see yourself in 2010?**

**CR:** Playing soccer at the highest level I can possibly play at.

**So if a move from a bigger league comes around...**

**CR:** Highest level I can possibly play at [laughs], but we'll talk about that more in the offseason.

Thanks to Chris for the interview, and apologies that I was only able to scratch the surface with it. Regardless of the length of the piece though, I did find the answers to my final questions to be very revealing. Kind of surprised that he didn't give the standard answer of "I'm happy here and we'll address that in the offseason..." Looks like it's going to be tough for the Fire to keep him...


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  • Fire need to get their shit together and re-sign Rolfe.

  • i know this will make me sound old but im amazed at you young people. my kids are doing far more than i was at that age, there 22 and `19. sam you seem to also have your life on track and i thank you for your work. keep it up...

  • what chow said

  • Wolfe and Razov are two players who started early with the Fire and are now elsewhere for whatever reason. I don't want Rolfe playing somewhere else for whatever reason too. Sign this guy up right now!

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