Mexico 5 -- USA 0: A Gold Cup Crushing

For those of you that haven't heard, Mexico absolutely demolished the U.S. today in the Gold Cup Final 5-0.  Click on the link for ESPN's match recap (if you even want to read about the drubbing that took place at Giants Stadium that is...).

Mexico, who scored all of their goals in the second half, was able to stop a long losing streak to the Americans in the States and end the 'Nats streak of two consecutive Gold Cups with the win.  

Fire midfielder Logan Pause started the match and picked up a yellow card in 63 minutes of action.

I apologize for the lateness and the brevity of this post but I had family obligations this afternoon and have not been able to watch the match yet.  


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  • Important to note just how lopsided the sides were in this match. I full expect the first-team eleven to inflict payback in Azteca come August 12.

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