Matchday: 7-18

Hey all, well today is another busy day for Chicago soccer fans as the Fire take on the San Jose Earthquakes at Toyota Park (7:30 on My50) in their first match without the injured Brian McBride and Logan Pause and the U.S. National Team take on Panama in the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup (7 on FSC/TeleFutura).

I hope that these little 'Matchday' posts can turn into a place where you can discuss any thoughts you have in the lead up to the match, any commentary you have during the match, and any ramblings that you want to post in the game's immediate aftermath.  So, feel free to comment and check back later as I'll post the starting lineups from Toyota Park in the comments section as soon as they are announced.


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  • got the cubs game too. no tiger, go tom watson

  • Can't wait to see Rolfe and Nyarko up fron together. Sweet !!!

  • Here are the starting lineups from TP:

    Fire --





    Earthquakes --





    Very interesting starting lineup for the Fire. I'm a little bit stunned. The Fire were harping about their depth in the wake of the McBride injury and I guess they weren't kidding around...

    I'm excited though. At the very least we're gonna see some new faces tonight and it'll be cool to see how they perform.

    In other news, Logan Pause is in the starting lineup for the U.S. team in their match against Panama.

  • In all my infinite wisdom I forgot to put the benches for the teams in the previous comment. Here they are:


    Dykstra, Blanco, Carr, Conde, Husidic, Pappa, Prideaux


    Weber, Amarikwa, Cochrane, Convey, Glen, Salinas

  • Suddenly I'm feelin kinda good about our depth =D

  • Do you think it's weird that the Fire don't get any friendlies with big European teams? I had fun at the Fire-Milan game, it was actually my first MLS game and led me to follow the team more. With the US Open Cup gone, I'm sure they could squeeze one chance for the players to play against "all stars", and contrary to what people say, even if preseason, the players do play for pride, so the fans have fun too.

    Seattle got Chelsea today in a great atmosphere, will get Barca, LA is getting Milan and Barca, Toronto is getting Real Madrid...

  • In reply to chisoxmike:

    @ chisoxmike:

    It would be nice to see the Fire get some competition against a big European team but with the way the summer schedule worked out for the Fire this year, it would've been tough to fit anybody in.

    Keep in mind that these friendlies are scheduled months in advance so although the Fire got bounced from Open Cup they didn't have nearly enough time to schedule a friendly with practically anyone, let alone a European power.

    All that said, it would be quite a show if the Fire were to take on say a Manchester United or Milan. I know I would be excited for it and I'm sure the players would as well. The coaching staff... well that's just another story I guess...

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