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It's been a while since I've posted one of these so I thought I'd share some interesting soccer related stories with you guys on this slow news day in the world of the Fire.

Here's [a nice write up by ESPN on the MLS All Star game]( It's a good preview of the match and if you plan on watching tomorrow night you should definitely check it out.

MLS has just announced that [Houston will host the 2010 All Star game](

If you plan on heading to Mexico City for the upcoming U.S. vs. Mexico World Cup Qualifying match on August 12th, then [this report from This Is American Soccer is an absolute must read]( If you aren't going (like me...) then it's a cool piece and a nice way to learn about the Mexican capital.

And while this isn't really a link, it's worth sharing anyway. Check it out to see Kansas City's Claudio Lopez score a goal from 60 yards out...

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