Fire Eliminated from the Open Cup in 1-0 Loss

The Fire were eliminated from contention in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup tonight as they fell to the USL-2's Wilmington Hammerheads.  Click here for the Fire website's recap of the match.

Tonight's result is probably a little embarrassing for the Fire as losing to a 3rd division side (no matter who played for the Fire) is definitely not what you would call an ego-booster. 

The loss, which is the Fire's second in a row, really represents a missed opportunity for some of the Fire's reserves/younger players and frankly, it's a little disappointing.  On the bright side, the Open Cup elimination will allow the Fire to focus more on MLS play (which will finally resume on Saturday night at Colorado) and SuperLiga, which (although it may be less prestigious than Open Cup) is the more lucrative tournament.


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  • Just pathetic. Pathetic effort by the team, pathetic disregard by the club staff. This has been where most our success has come but the new management doesn't seem to know or care much.

  • what jlm said. it's like a high school varsity team losing to the freshman team. even if the b squad is in there, there's a reason that all the wilmington players are in usl-2 and the fire players are in the mls. i wish i could focus on the silver lining that sam pointed out, but i'm just disappointed in general with this team and think it is way underachieving. i'm starting to contemplate jumping on the fire hamlett bandwagon. it's the only excuse i can come up with that a team with this talent level is so mediocre so far.

  • Hey at least we got to follow the game on the Fire's Twitter!!! Oh wait what? The Fire just copied the Hammerheads twitter posts WORD for WORD?! At least they acknowledged the fact that it wasn't theirs right?? right?!?

  • Hey Sam, little of topic for this post- but wanted to say I like the new blog and I hope it takes off. We all need something to take the place of Luis' coverage, and your dedication already seems stellar. Keep up the good work, this has just been added to the bookmarks! Go Fire.

  • this is garbage. our fringe guys should be playing like banshees when they're out there, always trying to impress. i wish i could offer some specifics but like chow said the details of this game are hazy at best (like a long day at toyota park)

    lamar hunt is one of the greatest people this world has ever known, and isn't the US Open Cup itself the oldest trophy awarded to a team in this country? I doubt anyone calling the shots for the fire knows/cares about any of that.

    at least we got to see the PDL team play well in one USOC match. hooray.

  • I posted this on BigSoccer, but it is appropriate here.

    This lose had nothing to do with SuperLiga so lets stop that line of thinking right now. If we were not in SuperLiga we would have played a regular season match on Saturday or Sunday.

    This lose also had nothing to do with the lineup, we had plenty of regulars mixed in with some quality reserve players who looked damn good in the SuperLiga on Tuesday of last week.

    This lose had everything to do with us having to travel to NC instead of playing the game at TP or even at UIC, that was the managements fault. It had everything to do with a coach who can't take advantage of superior skill players, why not overwhelm a USL-2 team with 3 forwards or 5 midfielders??

    It had everything to do with a team not giving its players every advantage that it could and should have, and that is a damn shame and a huge change from just a few years ago. The Twitter feed was just amateur bullshit and a slap in the face.

  • WTF, I was looking forward to going to the USOC games since they're always cheaper compared to the overpriced seats they put up for sale for all the other games and again they get knocked out early by a bunch of nobodies.

  • I do see Sam's silver lining. THere is no way that the Fire could continue to play 2 games a week through the entire month of July. Combined with all the games they've dropped in the league the last month they need to focus on the weekends. They're in the Semis of SuperLiga so now you've got to put your best line-up out there for that tourney. I'm disappointed they didn't win but our second team should be enough to win against a USL-2 team and from the limited info. available it does seem that the Fire dominated play but couldn't finish. It happens move on.

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