Fire 0 -- Crew 0: Atop the Leaderboard

Columbus Crew v Chicago Fire

The Fire and Crew played to a scoreless tie tonight in front of a season high crowd of 18,153. Click [here for my full match report on the Tribune's website](,0,1495866.story) and here are some more thoughts I had on the game...

**Fire Man of the Match:**

This has to be Marco Pappa. He was easily the Fire's most dangerous attacker and his display of dribbling and crossing was top notch. I did not like it when he got subbed out for Calen Carr in the 85th and I thought the Fire looked far less dangerous even in the few minutes he did not play.

The only thing that Marco could've done better was finish as he had a couple very good looks at goal that he was unable to convert.

I'll give an honorable mention here to the Toyota Park crowd. You guys killed the previous season high mark in attendance and that was great to see.

Also, Section 8 + flares = Very cool.
**A Light-Hearted Locker Room:**

Despite not getting the win, the atmosphere in the Fire locker room after the match was the most festive I have seen it in awhile. The players were definitely happy to have sole possession of first place and seemed satisfied with the result against a good Crew team.

**No Conde:**

Wilman was out with a left hamstring strain that he picked up in training on Friday. I don't have word yet as to how serious the injury is but I don't expect it to be too bad.

As always, I'll be back with more coverage of the match later on but until then let's hear who you thought was the Fire man of the match. And of course, feel free to comment anything else too.


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  • Pappa was MOTM, Blanco was poor, Rolfe should be starting up top. We have the fewest home wins + fewest goals scored in the league at home, that's depressing.

  • Carr was dreadful. Nyarko looked good.

  • During the Q&A session after the match, Frank Klopas mentioned that he hoped Conde would be available for the Superliga game against New England on Wednesday night.

  • Why are the photos used here three and four years old? Kind of an insult to the fans.

  • In reply to zenjr:


    The highest quality photos that I am able to use are from a site called While most of the time the images I use from the site are very recent, for the last two games they have not had any recent images with both the Fire and their opponent (in this case the Crew) in the frame, so I have had to resort to putting up an older image on the blog.

    In no way do I mean this as an insult to anyone though. Just trying to add a little color to the blog.

  • In reply to zenjr:

    I think Blanco is most effective has a second half sub. There just seemed to be to many negative plays he is involved in. Also thorrington looked like he held on to the ball to much.. Baky and Bush need to play out of the back more.
    Just because McBride can win in the air doesn't mean we need all long balls, especially when you are playing Blanco has a striker. It was just so frustrating

  • In reply to zenjr:

    @ Sam: Some thoughts for you said with all due respect...

    1) I know you've got some struggles buddy, but to be quite frank, the reason why I don't frequent this blog much is exampled by the photo on this site, and I doubt I'm the only one thinking this way. Dude - post a current photo even if it only is of the Fire. Heck - you named Pappa el mero mero... slap a photo of him from the game if you can. It's better than this Mapp/Henderson photo.

    2) "Despite not getting the win, the atmosphere in the Fire locker room after the match was the most festive I have seen it in awhile. The players were definitely happy to have sole possession of first place and seemed satisfied with the result against a good Crew team." If you were there, bud, get a quote from someone about the game and slap it in there. This sounds like you watched the game on the tube and put in an assumption based on stuff you read from others.

    3) Put all your coverage of the game together. I check the blogs at best once a day - I don't want to have to read a bunch of posts about the same game throughout the week. More importantly - you've got to make this thing interactive somehow, my man. If the player evals are your thing, then sell it... but not in a separate post. If it means waiting a day, then wait a day, but make it a full game eval when you post it. Challenge people.

    4) Finally ... have fun! It reads like you're forcing yourself to do this & trying to be PC... if that's you then that's you, but sorry bro - if that's true, than I'm not going to be a reader. Take some chances [without being libelous or slanderous of course] and include yourself - it's your blog. Let us get to know you and you'll go much, much further.

    Peace dude. -G

  • In reply to zenjr:

    Graeme, I have found Sam to be impressive so far and your criticism unfounded, he actually goes to practices, games, the locker room etc. If you don't like his reporting I suggest you go and read the nonexistent blogs with the same information. As for the photo, did anyone ever bitch at Luis for not using a game photo? Do you want Sam watching the game, snapping the pics, and writing it on this blog all by his lonesome? Gimme a break. What we're getting now we never got from anyone before, so cut the guy some slack and be thankful that he puts the amount of work into this stuff as he does.

  • In reply to zenjr:

    well said milicz. i think you're doing a great job so far sam. i personally could care less about the photo and when it was taken. the written content is much more important imo, and i really like what you've done with the blog...i think we are getting much more fire info than we ever got from the red card (i liked that one too though).

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