Blanco, Segares Named to National Team Rosters for Qualifiers


Fire midfielder Cuauhtemoc Blanco has been named to the Mexican National team roster ahead of their all important World Cup Qualifier against the United States.

Fire defender Gonzalo Segares was also named to his country's roster; he'll play with Costa Rica when they take on Honduras on the same day.

The early word is that Mexican Head Coach Javier Aguirre will call his players into camp a full week ahead of the match, which takes place on August 12th.

*Edit: Both Blanco and Segares will report to their teams on August 7th. They'll both miss the August 9th match at Houston but both will be available for the SuperLiga final.*

But where does this news leave the Fire? Chris Rolfe should slide up into 'Temo's forward position and Justin Mapp is likely to slide into Rolfe's outside midfielder slot. Both players -- along with Patrick Nyarko and Marco Pappa -- will need to step up to ensure that the Fire don't slide down the Eastern Conference table with Blanco (who, by the way, has been fantastic lately...) in Mexico.

Daniel Woolard will likely fill in for Gonzalo. No surprise there as Woolard stepped in for Segares while Gonzalo was with Costa Rica for the Gold Cup.

But beyond all of the other stuff, both Cuauhtemoc and Gonzalo deserve a big congratulations. 'Temo in particular has seen his national team career brought back from the dead and being named to the roster has to be a good feeling for him.

Also, am I the only one impressed by the number of players the Fire have getting called into their national squads? Blanco, Bakary Soumare and Gonzalo Segares get called into nearly every game for their countries and the American contingent of John Thorrington, Chris Rolfe, Logan Pause and Jon Busch have seen some solid time with the 'Nats in the past year. On one hand it kind of sucks to have all these players leave, but I think it's a testament to the strength of the squad that this many players are in the picture for their countries.


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  • losing players to their national teams does suck. what sucks worse is when their away with their national teams and riding the pine! just how many minutes did segares play during the gold cup? not enough to justify the loss to fire in my opinion.

  • I'm not sold on Nyarko filling in for McBride as a starter. Long term, I think Rolfe should play as the deep target, with Blanco underneath, Mapp and Pappa on the flanks, Pause and Thorington in the middle, and then your four backs. Due to his inexperience, I would use Nyarko off the bench. Pappa has been fantastic, but I'm frustrated with Mapp's lack of playing time this season.

  • In reply to iowalth:


    4 games w/o McBride and Nyarko has 3 goals. What more could you possibly hope for?

    Mapp has proven that he can't start for a good MLS team. He should have been on the bench last year too. Klopas should be fired for signing him to 4 more years at 250k/year.

  • In reply to snkscore:

    Safe to say I've changed my position on Nyarko since I wrote this piece. He has proven that he fully deserves to be in the starting lineup with McBride out.

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