US vs. Brazil

U.S. MNT v Brazil

The US men's national team is ready for their second match of the Confederations Cup. The 'Nats, who are coming off of a tough 3-1 defeat to Italy, will take on a vaunted Brazil side that is coming off of a controversial 4-3 win over Egypt.

The U.S. needs at least a tie to keep alive their hopes of advancing past the group stage of the tournament, but Brazil will no doubt provide a very tough opponent for a U.S. team that hasn't been playing its best as of late.

I see the Brazilians walking away with a victory from the match. I think that the Kaka led midfield will completely dominate possession and not give the U.S. much of a chance on the ball. Maybe the U.S. gets lucky on a counter attack at some point in the match but regardless I think Brazil takes all three points and dashes the Americans hopes.

Just curious here, does anyone think that the U.S. has a chance of winning this one?

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  • Sam,

    Are you Luis' replacement?

    How come there is NOTHING in the Trib today about the US-Brazil game? Could they not squeeze it in with the 5 pages of baseball coverage?

    This totally sucks!

  • In reply to oliotya:


    I am not Luis's replacement as the Fire beat writer/soccer reporter for the Tribune, I'm just a blogger on Chicago Now so I really don't know why there isn't anything in there today.

    For those who didn't see the game:

    The U.S. got completely destroyed. The final score was 3-0 but it really could have been a lot worse. The 'Nats really just did not come out to play today and looked pretty sloppy all match. They gave up another quick goal (7th minute this time)and let Brazil counter off of a U.S. corner kick for their second. Things got worse when Chivas USA's Sacha Kljestan got sent off early in the second half and Brazil was able to capitalize with their third tally of the day. The US responded a little bit towards the end (they hit the crossbar twice in the final minutes) but it was nowhere near enough.

    Overall it was a very discouraging performance from the Americans. They looked awful. Really no other way to put it. They need to step up their game big time if they hope to make any noise at next year's World Cup.

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