Soumare headed to France? Unidentified Club (maybe..) makes a bid

MLS: May 31 FC Dallas at Fire

According to a recent [report](, an unidentified French first division club has made a bid for Fire center back Bakary Soumare.

I have been in touch with the Fire front office and they will be getting back to me shortly with some more details about the rumored bid.

*I just spoke with the Fire front office and neither they nor the MLS league offices have received anything regarding a bid for Bakary. The front office did tell me that Bakary's agent could have been contacted by the French side and the two parties may have been talking but that as of right now, a bid has not been formally issued.* If Soumare is to go to Europe the move would obviously have a huge impact on the Fire. Baky is one of the team's better players and the tandem of him and fellow center back Wilman Conde in the back is a formidable one.

Should Baky be sold to this "unidentified" French team (which should happen if the price is right...) C.J. Brown will likely replace the Malian defender in the back. I'm not too worried about the drop off in play from Soumare to Brown in the short term, but as C.J. is getting up in years a sale of Soumare would definitely hurt the Fire's long term plans for the defense.

On the plus side, a sale of Soumare gives the Fire some funds to go after players of their own in the offseason. These funds will be sorely needed as Cuauhtemoc Blanco will be leaving and Brian McBride could be retiring.

Check back for more on this story later on in the day when the front office gets back to me with some details.


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  • great update, thanks for the update from the front office. this would be a huge loss but if the money is there it'll be well worth it.

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