Fire vs Dynamo: Player Ratings

So, this feature hasn't exactly been running as smooth as I would like.  So, in an effort to make it well...better, I will be providing a ratings scale along with the player ratings this week. 

Here we go...

The Scale:
1 - Really, really, really bad.  Like, atrocious.
2 - A very bad performance.  Not as bad as a '1', but still awful.
3 - Things are not going a player's way.  The guy is just off.
4 - A below average performance. 
5 - Just about average.  Nothing too bad, but nothing good either.
6 - A little above average.  Not the best game, but could have been a lot worse.
7 - Solid performance.  Nothing too spectacular, but the player did well in the game.
8 - Player did very well.  Started the game strong, and continued the good performance throughout.
9 - Very good performance.  Man of the Match for sure.
10 - Match of the year for the player.  Not likely to be duplicated.

GK - Jon Busch - 5
Nothing really he could do about Holden's goal.  But with that being the only shot on goal that the Dynamo had, it was impossible for him to really better his rating.  His distribution was solid though.

DEF - Tim Ward - 7
As always, Ward provided the Fire with an attacking boost out of the back.  Ward had several nice crosses and even hit the post and he didn't give up anything in the defense either.

DEF - C.J. Brown - 5
C.J. did well for most of the match, but he gave Kei Kamara way too much room to cross prior to Houston's goal.  Other than that though, I thought the Fire captain did pretty well.

DEF - Dasan Robinson - 6
Dasan did well throughout the match, consistently denying Houston's strikers the ball.  His distribution was somewhat lacking, but he played pretty solid throughout.

DEF - Brandon Prideaux - 4
Prideaux did not look so hot out there Friday night.  His defense wasn't too bad, but Prideaux cost the Fire in the attack, making multiple turnovers.

MID - Logan Pause - 3
Logan did not perform his best on Friday night.  He didn't do anything to prevent Stuart Holden from getting by him prior to the midfielder's goal and his distribution was somewhat lacking as well.

MID - John Thorrington - 6
Thorrington played a pretty decent match.  He featured a lot more in the attack than he did in past games, in the end though he made a few too many turnovers to warrant a higher rating.

MID - Marco Pappa - 8
I thought Pappa played excellent on Friday night.  He consistently beat defenders off the dribble and he was able to hit a lot of good crosses into the area as well.  Easily the Fire's best attacking player on the night.

MID - Chris Rolfe - 5
Rolfe showed some good signs early on in the match, taking players off the dribble and combining nicely with his teammates.  Unfortunately he kind of disappeared about half way through the first half and didn't contribute much else for the remainder of the match.

FWD - Brian McBride - 4
McBride did well as a target forward, winning balls and holding them up nicely, but the man needs a break.  I thought he looked tired out there (and you can't blame him, he has played every minute this year) and his attacking play suffered.  He was somewhat invisible for most of the match and I think a game off would do his legs a lot of good.

FWD - Patrick Nyarko - 4
Nyarko played a solid match, consistently beating defenders and consistently putting himself in great positions to score.  But, Nyarko missed a few absolute sitters Friday, something that brought his rating waaay down.

MID -- Justin Mapp - 5
Mapp played pretty well in his 25+ minutes of time.  He hit a beautiful cross to Patrick Nyarko at the 6 (which of course, he was unable to finish) and inserted himself into the attack pretty well.

MID - Mike Banner - 3
I didn't really see anything from Banner after his insertion in the 77th minute.

MID - Baggio Husidic - N/A
Came on in the 87th minute.



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  • Well let me be the first to say that I think you did a lot better on this one, Sam. Only issue I have would be your eval of Ward. Did you notice how he seemed to be lost half the time on offense? Everybody would be working on forming triangles around him and he'd make a run, or someone would make a run and he'd pass if they were working the triangles. Definitely not the new Tim Ward we've been seeing this season so far.

    And I know you gave Baggio a N/A, but I have to rag on the guy for his efforts so far. One of the first things that is taught on the U8s is that you make sure you go certain places on the field at certain times and this guy just isn't doing it. He doesn't make the far post run to support, his defensive pressure is terrible for a sub who should have fresh legs, & he doesn't fight for 50/50 balls. One of the few times I'd question DH coaching decisions - I get putting this kid in to get game experience, but do it when you're up 2-0, not when you need to find a quick equalizer.

  • Sam,

    I agree this was a better post, if for no other reason that I know what you mean by a 7 as opposed to a 5.

    I wanted to comment on CJ as I thought his performance would lead to a disaster early in the game. He was much slower than his mark and I thought Houston would be running past him the entire match, but after about the 10th minute, I think he switched assignments and the speed differential kind of disappeared. Anyhow, I think his lack of speed is certainly hurting him, but I've noticed that if he can get back with the play, his positioning is usually superb.

  • Ratings are pretty dead on.

  • i like the scale, thanks

  • i wonder if the flares where worth the fines...leave the fireworks to the pros. not long ago i seen one of the guys that ran on the field picking up garbage along harlem.

  • Absolutely the flares were worth it. I was stuck watching the DK broadcast of the Dynamo and even those two biased donkeys were in awe. If you can impress those homers, you've done a great job.

    Scenes like last week are what make S8 the absolute best MLS fan base.

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