Fire Practice Report

MLS: JUN 13 Fire at United

Here are a few quick notes from the Fire's practice on Wednesday...

Chris Rolfe is NOT boltin' to Bolton
The rumors that English Premier League club Bolton FC was interested in Chris Rolfe seem to be unfounded.  Rolfe was unaware of the rumors  and it looks like the striker will be sticking around Chicago (at least through the summer anyway).

No Thorrington or Robinson
John Thorrington and Dasan Robinson were both missing from the Fire's practice on Wednesday.  "Dasan picked up a hamstring tweak [Thursday] on the last play of training," said Denis Hamlett.  "I think he'll be out for this weekend but hopefully he'll be back for the second game [of SuperLiga]."

According to Hamlett, Thorrington missed training today to have some "pictures" taken of his back.  I'm guessing that means the midfielder went in for an MRI but Hamlett told me that the injury shouldn't be too much to worry about (especially given the Fire's upcoming break from MLS play).

SuperLiga update
If people had any doubt as to whether or not the Fire would go for SuperLiga, Hamlett put those to rest today.  "We're trying to win Superliga," said DH.  "It's a good opportunity for the club, our league, and for our guys in terms of honor and prestige to win it and obviously there's the financial aspect that comes with it too."

As far as the roster is concerned, Hamlett had this to say: "The idea is to get the right balance in terms of guys that are injured and guys that need a rest.  We're going to need the full roster.  Three games in a week is hard but our mindset is that we want to win this."

What that last quote means I'm not too sure, but I'm guessing that if need be, Hamlett will not be afraid to rest some of his normal starters.  In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing Brian McBride, Tim Ward, John Thorrington, and maybe a few others see some rest this Saturday.  


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  • superliga coming at a good time. guys should have some fun, do their best and see what happens. rolfe is a pro and will always say the right things. cool that you asked tho.

  • Interesting stuff, to bad we missed you at Schubas for Frank Klopas' question & answer.

  • Wow!! Hope Rolfe gets a good offer :-).

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