Fire 1 -- San Luis 0

Fire vs DC United

The Fire finally ended their three game losing streak Saturday night, [defeating Mexican side San Luis 1-0](,0,3615049.story) in SuperLiga action at Toyota Park.

Brian McBride scored the match's lone goal in the 69th minute of play, when he was able to smash a Cuauhtemoc Blanco back-pass into the upper 90 from the top of the 18.

Here are a few thoughts I had about the match...
**What I liked:**

**Cuauhtemoc Blanco's hustle**

Although he certainly didn't play his best game in a Fire uniform Saturday night, Cuauhtemoc Blanco made amends with his great display of hustle chasing down a headed ball that would lead to Brian McBride's goal.

Blanco ran nearly half the length of the field (actually beating a defender to the ball) and was able to turn, control, and lay it off perfectly for McBride who blasted it home.

"Credit Temo though," said Denis Hamlett when referring to the Fire's tally. "On a play where usually I'm yelling for him to stay back, he chased the guy down and makes a good play out of it. It was a great pass and a good finish on [McBride's] left foot."

**Hamlett's willingness to play starters**

Despite the idea that SuperLiga is a good opportunity to give starters a break, I liked that Head Coach Denis Hamlett remained true to his word and put his 'best 11' on the field. It was nice to see the Fire's best compete with San Luis and Saturday's win really puts them in a good position to advance to SuperLiga's knockout round.

**What I didn't like:**

**The attendance**

Tonight's match was played with great weather on a day with not too much else going on in the Chicago sports landscape. You would think that Saturday would have been a perfect opportunity for the Fire to draw a nice crowd.

Not so much. Only 8,241 fans showed up for the match and a good portion of those were San Luis supporters. Now, I understand that Saturday's game wasn't in MLS play and that's part of the reason for the poor turnout, but it still would've been nice to see a few more butts in the seats at Toyota Park.


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  • The Fire has actually done better than usual trying to push SuperLiga tix but the league has not promoted this tourney at all this year. So I'm not surprised by the attendance.

    The game was definitely entertaining though (especially the second half) and it was nice to walk out of TP witha W for a change. If you thought last night's attendance was bad just wait for Tuesday.... ....because its included for Season Ticket holders the number might look comparable but if it weren't for the San Luis - Tigres night cap you'd probably be able to personally count the actuals.

    Stan - Is Thorrignton hurt or just getting a night off?

  • I can't say that I'm that interested in SuperLiga myself [obvioulsy]. Would it be nice for the players to get a chunk of a bonus by winning it? Certainly. From a fan's standpoint, I don't consider this a major tourney and hence a trophy from it is not that big of a deal.

    There's potential there though. Open this tourney up to the rest of CONCACAF and tier it like the UEFA cup. Bring in more international teams from the next tier that don't qualify for the Champions League and I guarantee you there will be more interest.

  • Just wanted to add that CJ had another good game on the backline for us. And unlike Soumare, he actually plays the ball to the mids instead of just booting it upfield. I actually hope he stays in the starting XI even when Baky gets back from NT duty.

    Overall, very entertaining game (especially the 2nd half). If this is what we have to look forward to for the rest of Superliga, its going to be a great tournament for fans to watch.

  • @ NaperSteve

    Not sure on Thorrington's status. I know that he had an MRI done on his back on Thursday but Hamlett was adamant that he should be fine. We'll see if he's back in the lineup for Tuesday's match.

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