Fire 1 -- DC 2: Player evaluations

As I'm sure a lot of you already know, the Fire lost their third match in a row last night, falling to D.C. United by a score of 2-1.

With the loss the Fire also gave up control of first place, relinquishing the top spot in the East to D.C., who are now one point ahead of our Fire.  

One thing that I thought victimized the Fire in a major way last night was the refereeing.  Both of United's goals came after some questionable calls by referee Baldomero Toledo (especially the penalty called on Jon Busch...I mean really ref? That was pathetic) but it's not like the Fire didn't have any chances of their own, they just were not able to capitalize on them like D.C. did.  

But enough with my thoughts about Mr. Toledo, here are the player ratings (and here's the scale):

GK - Jon Busch - 5
Busch had some hard luck giving two goals last night as he really didn't stand a chance on either of them.  Busch upped his rating a little bit in the second half after some very solid saves (the stop of Ange N'Silu's breakaway comes to mind) and his distribution was good throughout the game.

DEF - Tim Ward - 5
Ward looked very good in the first half, playing well in the attack and notching an assist, but he turned somewhat invisible in the second, and I thought his defense left a little bit to be desired.

DEF - Wilman Conde - 7
I thought Conde played very well in his first game back after returning from injury.  He played solid defense all game and really got up the field in the attack.  In fact, Conde really should have had a goal of his own, but his 47th minute 1 v. 1 with D.C. goalie Josh Wicks was saved nicely.

DEF - C.J. Brown - 7
C.J. played his best game of the year last night.  His defense was solid and he did a nice job organizing the back four.  You could tell that C.J. finally had his timing down and it really showed on the field.

DEF - Gonzalo Segares - 4
Segares, who just returned from his time with the Costa Rican team in recent World Cup Qualifiers, did not play so well last night.  He did fine in the attack in the first half but went missing in the second and his defense was a little shaky.  His foul led to Christian Gomez's free kick goal and I was wondering where he was when Chris Pontius broke free before D.C.'s penalty kick.  

MID - Logan Pause - 6
Pause played solid defense throughout the game, in what was somewhat of a bounce back performance by him.  I thought that he played especially well in the second half for the Fire.

MID - John Thorrington - 7
I thought Thorrington looked good last night.  He played a lot of good balls throughout (it was his switch that led to the Pappa goal) and even hit the post off a free kick.  His defensive play was good as well and Thor even got a little bit feisty in the match (he was certainly not afraid to let the ref let know how he felt about certain calls anyway...).

MID - Chris Rolfe - 5
For the second straight game Rolfe started hot and then cooled off in a major way.  He kind of went missing for the majority of the game, but he did look dangerous after he got moved up top after Patrick Nyarko was subbed off.

MID - Marco Pappa - 8
I thought that Pappa played a great game Saturday night.  He made some dazzling runs and his goal was magnificent.  The only thing that was really lacking was his service on set-pieces but given the rest of his performance, the couple bad balls that he played can be forgiven.

FWD - Patrick Nyarko - 6
Although he really didn't have too many direct goal scoring chances, I thought Nyarko exhibited tremendous hustle last night and he consistently put himself in good spots.  His touch was good as well and I liked his aerial presence, as he had several good flicks throughout the game.

FWD - Brian McBride -3
I didn't really see too much from McBride in this match.  He bungled a few first half chances (missing the net on a wide open shot from the far post wasn't too good) and wasn't too visible throughout the match.  Also, missing that penalty really, really hurts.

MID - Justin Mapp - 6 (Came on in the 68th for Nyarko)
I thought Mapp did well after coming on for Patrick Nyarko.  He provided some dangerous crosses and looked good in the midfield.  I actually thought that he should have come on for Rolfe, but when Mapp came in Rolfe moved up top and (lo and behold) started performing better too.

FWD - Stefan Dimitrov - 5 (83rd for Ward)
Dimitrov made his MLS debut on Saturday and I thought he looked pretty good.  His aerial presence was nice and I liked his work rate out there.

MID - Mike Banner - N/A (86th for Segares)
Didn't really play long enough to do anything, but we did see Gonzalo Segares get mad after being taken off (I'm guessing at his performance, not the fact that he was subbed out...).


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  • what a surprise, more bad officiating in the MLS. pathetic, isn't it?

  • It certainly is. I didn't think either of the penalty calls were correct. Maybe the one given to the Fire was a make up call for the first, regardless though professional referees (though I do understand that no game will ever be called perfectly) should be held to a higher standard.

  • My thoughts exactly Sam. Dorn no sooner has "this referee is well respected in the league" out of his mouth, when the bonehead starts whistling like he is being molested on the L. The Fire are working hard on the road and have the game taken from them. Also, Brian has got to make that penalty, period.

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