Ex-Fire Draft Pick Cervi Signs with Celtic

According to a report by the BBC, goalkeeper Dominic Cervi, the Fire's 2008 first round draft pick, was signed by Scottish club Celtic FC today.  Cervi, 22, began a trial with Celtic in October of last year, but was unable to sign for the club until he obtained an Italian passport.

The Fire selected Cervi with the 12th pick of the draft last year but he and the club were unable to agree to terms, leaving Cervi to try his luck in Europe.

Cervi signing with Celtic, although it is an exciting development for American soccer, does highlight the issue of MLS's "thriftiness" (to put it kindly) when it comes to rookie salaries.  Much has been made of the low amounts that young MLS players make, so it should come as no surprise when they choose more financially rewarding alternatives over MLS.

Although the Fire obviously lost a solid keeper in Cervi, one has to wonder if MLS can do anything about this.  The league is a business, and above all else teams have to stay financially afloat (even if that means losing 1st round draft picks to other leagues).

So what do you think MLS should do about this situation?  Do they need to increase the pay scale?  What about Cervi?  Excited that the US has another solid young goalie?  Disappointed he isn't with the Fire?

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