I'm a single, book and street savvy professional and poet with a love for Chicago that probably annoys some of the Bostonians that I know. Chicago is by far, the best city I had the privilege of living and working in for three years.There's so much to do and see. But, Boston is where I find my self living right now. Weekends are especially hard for me since the social scene doesn't seem to cater to the after college but not quite 40 crowd. Catching a Red Sox game at Fenway, seeing a play at the Wang, or visiting the hottest club cannot be all that Boston has to offer. I'm hoping to explore more of my hometown by channeling the memories, excitement and energy I had living in Chicago. Perhaps through "finding my Chicago in Boston," I'll discover restaurants, lounges, fashion scenes, cafes, art venues and communities that can bring me back to the socially, intellectually, and spiritually full life that I knew in Chicago. It just might take me swimming through some of my own life junk to  see what Boston is made of while remaining an eternal lover of Chicago.