"I Can't Date You! You're a Pisces!"

It never occurred to me that some men would cringe at the thought of my being born on March 16.  Apparently, they believe that my astrological sign paired with theirs is a reason to run the other way. I mean they look at me with dread when they hear I'm a Pisces.

It's happened to me twice. The more recent experience really messed me up since my girly girl side started to come out in the presence of this Gemini man. He was at least 6 feet 5 inches tall, almond brown skin and just as witty as yours truly. He did all of the superficial things right, opened doors, walked on the car side of the sidewalk and even called more than texted.

Saul/Paul I'll call him, appeared to be my equal. We both seemed to have a drive for exploring cultures, the arts and music. It wasn't hard for me to see him in my mother's living room asking for my hand in marriage. Yup! I thought he was the one, minus a few rough edges that I thought a little prayer would change.

I cannot say that our communication was altogether pristine. Something in my gut could sense that he had been really hurt in the past. After what I thought was a really good time with him, he'd find something wrong in our interaction. It was as if he would go home and punish himself for opening up too much to me. He'd articulate some kind of objection to slow things down between us or sabotage the positive feelings he had towards me. I would always be blamed for some minor indiscretion.

Just a few days ago, Saul/Paul let me in on a truth that rendered my sabotage theory of him true. "I was hurt badly by a woman who was a Pisces," he said. "I cried from June to November in 2006. Pisces women love me but hate my guts. We can't be together. I got a Pisces tattoo as a reminder to stay away from them."

Damn! What was I to respond to that? Why hadn't he asked for my birth date when he first met me in all of my glory? I wouldn't have caught any feelings for him then or beaten up myself all along thinking I was the one doing something wrong. It didn't help when I reiterated that I'm Christian, and so technically, have a second spiritual birth that isn't in March.

I took his rejection hard.  I knew the Pisces thing was rediculous and that he was partly using it to keep me and his pain at a safe distance. He had indeed been resisting me all along. Nothing I could say or do really would have gotten him to see that I wasn't out to hurt him. My verdict was sealed at hello.  Not even trying my case before the supreme court would change a thing.

Alas, I'll be rearranging my emotional furniture again because of Saul/Paul's rejection. I'm starting to lose hope when it comes to the possibility of meeting the right guy for me. If my birth date doesn't get in the way, it's usually something else. Perhaps it's time for me to go on another dating fast. I could use the time to just focus on me...

Reader have you ever been taken off of the "can date list" by a guy or a lady because of your astrological sign?  I'd love to hear your story.


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