Finding my Chicago In Chicago

So, I came to Chicago a few weeks ago for a good friend's wedding and I never left. My free spirit and artistic creativity can be nourished here. I'm committed to making Chicago home.

What have I been up to? Well, in between sending out resumes and following up on work leads, I've been exploring Chicago's social scene. I just left Red Kiva Lounge on Randolph. I couldn't help but say out loud to the new girlfriends I've made, "This is why I love Chicago." The live band was hot and the dj mixed everything right. He made a Jill Scott piece sound so fresh. (Even though Jill doesn't need any help.)

I was a bit disappointed though with the laissez faire attitude of the men. They stood back and looked around as if it was all on the women to make the first move. This demeanor seemed to cross social and economic backgrounds, since the men seemed to be from all walks of life. I don't do the "pursue a guy" thing. In that area, I'm strictly old school. The man has to put out enough energy to clearly spell out to me that he's interested and then I'll respond. You know guys, strike up a light conversation or compliment my style. Then follow up with a smooth line of how we should exchange numbers. But, don't just stand there looking at me!!!

It's clear the social scene has changed in Chicago in that regard. Who changed it and how do we get some of the confidence and chivalry men had back? I know some women play a part in the shift of the male/female interactions. Too many have lowered the standard and so, even opening a car door for a lady, seems like a big deal for some 2012 men. (Please leave a comment if you've got some great insight on this topic.)

Men aside, I had a great time tonight. The women were friendly and didn't have a catty spirit about them. They came to enjoy themselves no matter what the scene looked like.

Oh Chicago, be good to me in the days, months and years to come. I've committed my being to you and trust you'll open the door for work, lasting love, and more great times. Help me to discover the parts of you that have grown since my departure. Introduce me to the new you Chi town. And, I in gratefulness will offer to you the best my hands and my heart have to offer.

Dear Boston, I'm sorry I left you without even leaving a note on the kitchen table. I thought of you today though and missed Mike's Pastrys. I'll visit you soon but Chicago is home.

(Reader, drop a comment if you know of a cool lounge with hot music and a good vibe that I should check out in Chicago. )

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