Got Wealth or Poverty? Check Your Mindset



Have you ever thought about what your money mindset is? Did you know that your abundance factor is tied to your money mindset? that I have you thinking let's dive into this notion of Wealth vs. Poverty mindset.

First things first, what is mindset? Mindset is defined as a set of established beliefs.  We get our mindsets from our parents, teachers, family, friends, and the media.  Often times our relationship with money mirrors that of those who raised us or we spent the most time around.  Yes, you read that correctly our relationship with money, one can assess their relationship with money by taking an inventory of their mindset, bank accounts, and assets.


P: I'm broke

W: I'm prosperous

P: I can't afford to pay my bills

W: All my bills are paid on time

P: I never have enough money

W: I have a divine surplus of money

Did you notice some differences there? Our self-talk and thoughts about money are what make up our money mindset.  Yes, I am telling you, you can think yourself rich.  Napolean Hill wrote an entire book about it 'Think And Grow Rich'.


Reset your money mindset by examining your thoughts and feelings about money.  Pay careful attention to how you feel and what you say.  Instead of saying you can't afford something, force your imagination to help you and think and say to yourself what can I do to afford that, how can I make this happen?

It's really that simple, yet easier said than done.  Affirmations may be the answer.  Write out a positive money affirmation.


Affirm: I am wealthy. I have an overflow of money.  Money is forever circulating freely in my life and I have a divine surplus.  I have more commas in my bank account than I can count.

That is just a start to give you an idea of money affirmations. Feel free to create your own or use the one above.  Don't like what you see in your bank account.  Don't want to feel like you're robbing Peter to pay Paul.  It's time to Reset Your Mind.

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