Your Money Wants to Work For You!

Making money vs. Earning money, many go to work to make the donuts so to speak. Well, when we exchange our time for money, we aren’t making the donuts, we are actually earning the donuts. In order to make the donuts we have to put our hard earned money to work. Your money wants to... Read more »

Broke Monday Blues

Broke Blues Monday   Most people wake up on Monday and they dread the day because they have to go to work. These same people are usually excited when Friday finally rolls around because it identifies the week, a break for most from the work week and for many it is usually payday.  So why... Read more »

Predatory Banking Fees

This morning I woke to posts on my social media feeds about Bank of America (BOA) charging checking customers a fee IF their balance is below $1,500 or they don’t have a minimum direct deposit of $250.  Initially, I thought nothing of it, banks have been charging fees for years.  I once banked with BOA... Read more »
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Got Wealth or Poverty? Check Your Mindset

  Have you ever thought about what your money mindset is? Did you know that your abundance factor is tied to your money mindset? Hmm…now that I have you thinking let’s dive into this notion of Wealth vs. Poverty mindset. First things first, what is mindset? Mindset is defined as a set of established beliefs. ... Read more »