MMA Saves Lives in the Real World

As you might have heard on the news, two Oregon men in Los Angeles for a grappling tournament recently used their knowledge of jiu-jitsu to subdue an armed robber at a Korea-town hotel.  Often, given the proliferation of grappling tournaments, sport jiu jitsu takes precedent in the gym.  Emphasis on how to score points and control an opponent may override the traditional intent of Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a mode of self-defense.  In using their skills to subdue this armed robber, these two practitioners demonstrated that, despite the increasing popularity of the sport, training the disciplines involved in MMA remains very practical.  Interestingly, these two men did nothing to physically harm the armed robber, further demonstrating jiu-jitsu's utility as the "gentle art".  Instead, they merely held him until police could arrive.  Cheers to these two men for using their training in a positive manner.  Hopefully, this will inspire some more burgeoning practitioners to get into the gym and learn the disciplines involved in this amazing sport.

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