Humility Important in MMA

I just read a fantastic excerpt from Matthew Polly's book entitled Tapped Out.  In a sport like MMA, there can be a great tendency for people to watch events on TV and think "I can do that".  For some, these flawed ideologies manifest themselves when they walk into MMA gyms and immediately believe they are the toughest "fighters" in the school.  That may result in something as severe as them attempting to injure other members or merely verbally asserting themselves as the "alpha-dog".  Regardless, it appears as if the fighters at Extreme Couture have implemented the "green-light" policy to put these folks in their place.

While some may view this as a rather barbaric way of teaching a lesson, in reality, it is more a reflection of the humility that MMA instills in its practitioners.  The fact is, even the most experienced fighters know a mere fraction of the techniques and styles that exist in martial arts.  Their greatness exists because they recognize that fact, embrace it, and use it as constant motivation to learn and improve.  For many great fighters, their success is actually a product of humility.  For those folks who believe that watching a UFC event makes them a battle-tested fighter, a quick dose of reality is probable both needed and deserved.  Additionally, in many cases, these folks either learn their lesson, or never return to the gym, both of which foster a more comfortable and safe learning environment.

Not unlike hockey, a little self-policing is not always a bad thing.  So the next time you watch a UFC event and think "I can do that . . ." go to your local gym and try, but do it with a smile and a healthy knowledge that nothing is quite as easy as it looks.

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