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MMA Making Its Major Network Debut

On November 12, 2011, MMA will present its first prime time major network event when Cain Velasquez meets Junior Dos Santos in the Octagon.  With all due regard to the few Strikeforce shows that previously aired on CBS, this is the first time that MMA’s preeminent promotion will be televising a live fight on a... Read more »

UFC - One Basketball Door Closes, Another Opens

Ted Gruber recently wrote a very good column in the Red Eye about the NBA’s increasingly desperate labor dispute and its impact on the UFC.  While no one wants to see one sport capitalize on the misfortune of another, an opportunity certainly now exists to introduce NBA fans to the sport of mixed martial arts.... Read more »

MMA a Cordial Sport

One of the remaining obstacles MMA faces in its fight to achieve mainstream recognition is the persistent stereotype that it is a sport for heathens and miscreants.  This stereotype is beyond unfortunate for many reasons, but ultimately the main reason is because, on many levels, it is not true.  At my gym, Emerald Smoke MMA... Read more »