Meet Abigail

Hello there! My name is Abigail and welcome to my blog! I am currently a graduate student at DePaul University working towards my masters in women's and gender studies. I am Christian who loves Jesus and loves people.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog, and with my life really, is to show that Christianity and feminism are not mutually exclusive movements. While I believe that some aspects of each movement directly contradict the other, I believe the basic tenants of love, acceptance, and respect are found in both. I realize that not everyone will always agree on everything, but I think marvelous things can happen if we engage in dialogue that is rooted in building coalition.

You may note that my thoughts and analyses change regarding issues as time goes on - and I fully accept that. Both feminism and faith are living projects, what I may write today may not be the same thing I will write a year from now. But by writing it down now, we can open up larger conversations for us to partake in.

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I am a Christian. I am a feminist. Let's talk.