Christian Feminism

Hello there readers. I am excited to have this blog, Feminist Christian on ChicagoNow! To get started, why did I start this blog? I think my biggest motivation for doing so was the lack of resources I found when I searched for books, articles, and preachers who share the same viewpoints as I do. Don’t get me wrong, I have found a ton of literature on why feminism and Christianity cannot go hand-in-hand, but not much on how these 2 seemingly opposed movements can be one-in-the-same. I have found that when I tell people I am a Christian, they open the folder in their head that contains words such as “bigot,” “homophobe,” “judgmental,” and “brainwashed.” When people find out I am a feminist, the words they think of are “man-hating,” “lesbian,” “bitch,” and “hairy.” Now, when people dig a little deeper and come to find I am both, they usually are bit perplexed. I want to share with all of you how my love for Jesus absolutely motivates and inspires me to want to help gender oppression.

So what does it mean to be a Christian? It’s about accepting Jesus as your savior, and letting that love change your heart and actions. That’s it. When I die, and see God, it won’t be because I deserve it any more than anyone else does. It is only because I accepted what Jesus did for me. It’s not about filling out my Bible Report card to get into heaven. My faith in Jesus is the only thing that matters and what reconciles me to God. Now, does that mean I get a “does what I wants card” and can do whatever I want with no consequences? No, scripture calls Christians to stay away from sin, but that doesn't “earn” you heaven. Anything you do to help others and to love them should be done as a response to having your heart changed by the gospel, not because you think it’s gonna earn you God-points.

Then what does it mean to be a feminist? This is a little more tricky. There are a ton of definitions and stereotypes surrounding feminists but a basic idea is that you strive for economic, political, and social gender equality. A woman shouldn't have to pick between a career and a relationship and a man shouldn't be afraid to show emotions other than anger and jealousy. Feminism is about peeling back layers of oppression whether it surrounds gender, race, sex, sexuality, analyzing the powers structures hosting them, and how creating solutions for how they oppress people. There are a ton of different ideologies when it comes to feminism; it is certainly not a monolithic or singular movement. But it does all center around realizing that gender disparity still exists and it needs to be dealt with abstractly and practically.

So, am I here to convert you to being a Christian? Am I here to convert you to being a feminist? Really, I am here to dispel some stereotypes. I want to share with my readers the experiences that I have being a Christian feminist. I want to share with you my struggles, my hopes, my fears, my doubts, as personal as some of them are. I want to show you what it means to everyday to be these both of these things: A Christian and a feminist. To share that because I belong to both I never feel like a full member of either group because of my association with the other. I want to share with you what it really means to be a Christian, and what it really means to be a feminist. And I hope you learn something new. I hope that if you have questions, you will subscribe and ask me. But most of all, I just hope you see that being Christianity and being feminism are not at odds. In fact, I think they need each other and influence each other beyond our acceptance.

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