I forgive Mark Driscoll. But that's not the point.

It has not been a great year for Mark Driscoll. I don’t want to spend too much space summing up the many controversies coming out surrounding him and his megachurch, Mars Hill (MH), so if you don’t know about the shady marketing strategy he used that put his 2011 book, Real Marriage on the New... Read more »

Being White, being poor, and having privilege

I’ve seen a lot of comments on the internets from White people and men about being sick of hearing about privilege. Comments having to do with not apologizing for being born into a privileged family and the opportunities given to them because of that, or being sick of being told they didn’t work hard for... Read more »

The Mark Driscoll Scholarship Fund for Women in Ministry

Much to my surprise last night as I was lazily browsing the internet before bed, I see a link posted to Facebook titled, “The Mark Driscoll Scholarship Fund for Women in Ministry.” Now, if you don’t know who Mark Driscoll is, he is the pastor of mega-church Mars Hill church out of Seattle known for... Read more »

Should Christian Women Wear Bikinis?

As the summer fades into our not-so-distant past, it’s funny that a few blog posts have just recently come to the surface regarding young Christian women, their bodies, and bathing suits – bikinis in particular. As a Christian woman who went on church retreats to beaches, there is one conversation that happens in the girls’ quarters... Read more »

Pope Francis Does Not Judge Gay People and Why This Story Bothers Me

Pope Francis has been making headlines all morning as he publicly announced that he does not judge gay people who search for the Lord. His sentiment includes gay priests who Catholic predecessors have made clear are unfit for priesthood. Pope Francis’ statement is very enlightening in how he chose to word it. He said, “Who... Read more »

Exodus International to Shut Down

Exodus International, the infamous Christian organization that offered to “fix” people struggling with “same-sex attraction” announced it will be closing its doors. This decision came out less than a day after president, Alan Chambers issued an apology to the LGBTQ community for advocating that there is a cure for homosexuality rooted in prayer, a deep... Read more »

Greg Dent Charged with Sexual Assault

TRIGGER WARNING: This post is about sexual assault. I do use direct and explicit quotes from the official police report regarding the sexual assault that Greg Dent has been charged with. It was with a heavy hear that I woke up this morning to find out that Florida State Seminoles receiver, Greg Dent has been... Read more »

Jesus as a Feminist

It’s apparent in scripture that Jesus was what we today would consider a feminist; meaning he cared about establishing equality for people of all genders. And to me, that is really what being a feminist Christian is all about: My faith informs my feminism; I am a feminist because Jesus was a feminist. There are... Read more »

People Don’t Dislike Jesus, They Dislike Christians

It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that people don’t really have issues with what Christianity is. I mean, what we believe can be thought of as a little crazy: we believe that a homeless man lived a perfect life, paid the price for everyone’s sin on the cross, and rose 3 days later... Read more »

4 Ways to Respect Your Husband (are also 4 ways to respect your wife)

As a married lady within the Church (not the church I am a part of in Chicago, but the larger network of Christians forming the universal Church) the notion that the most important job I have as a wife is respecting and submitting to my husband has been drilled into my head. Paul writes that... Read more »