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Dogs in Easter Bonnets: A Photo Blog

Dogs must love the holidays just as much as people. 

Easter Is Scary: A Photo Blog

My good friend Solitaire Miles found these scary Easter images. Yikes! If you like this, you might also like this collection of weird vintage Easter cards.

That's Some Love Bird!

I’ve hard of rough trade, but this is really rough! I wonder if gays ever get married, will this type of marriage will soon follow? 🙂 He’s such a star now, they are appointing him ‘spokesbird’ for New Zealand

Flying Dogs

A mesmerizing slo-motion film of dogs. Made by Pleix, a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris.

Best Scam Ever

Jesus may not have made room in heaven for your dog or cat when the Rapture comes so what’s to become of them during the End Times? Who will care for your beloved pet? Well, now there is a service that will take care of your pets after Armageddon- Eternal Earthbound Pets. The service is... Read more »

Have You Ever Seen a Bald Racoon?

People come in all shapes and sizes and apparently so do raccoons. Watch the viral video as Baldy, the hairless raccoon, fends of his furry brethren to dine on a delicious meal of cat chow. This particular raccoon survived a Toronto winter but I wonder if it could survive a Chicago winter?