Paris Hilton Shouldn't Mess with Italian Drag Queens

Drag Queen with Paris Hilton

This just in from a fan from Italy-

Paris Hilton was invited to a famous gay night at a disco in Milan. The organizers, Milan Arcigay Association, had asked her to hold a sign with written on it "Stop Homophobia." According to them she had agreed to do so. Unfortunately when on stage she refused!

Her entourage started a "negotiation" and Paris was then asked to leave: she was no longer welcomed. At the last moment she changed her mind and with the audience booing her, she held the sign in her hands for a couple of seconds.

Continue for video.

The first video shows the moment she refused to hold the sign. Notice how she absentmindedly keeps saying "Dance! Music! Lady Gaga!"

And this second video shows her with the sign and the audience booing.

Although she posted a pic of the sign on Twitter the organizers have asked for her apology.

Thank you Frederico!


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  • She is un-real. Un! Real!

    But I am going to start using "Dance! Music! Lady Gaga!" as my new "imitate a celebutante" go-to expression, which, surprisingly, I use rather often. So, there's that, I suppose.

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