Oprah to Dye Chicago River the Color Purple

Will Oprah Dye the Chicago River the Color Purple?

You've heard that Oprah is closing down Michigan Ave to tape a show, but what you might not know is that she is also dying the Chicago River The Color Purple with acai berry juice.

Don't worry though, they acai berries won't harm the wildlife and in fact, this superfood will may increase the immune system response of the fish and help them shed unwanted pounds. So we may finally be able to eat fish caught in the Chicago River. Thank you Oprah!


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  • This is the funniest thing ever! I sent it to everyone at work!!! LOVE IT!!! Let's go jump in!!!


  • I wonder if they'll let us go swimming in it too?

  • Oprah is SO over! She had her time and was great but take your billions and retire in New Buffalo and dye their water purple. Is it me or has there been a ridiculous amount of promoting for a play based on a movie that was at best a 2 star flick.

  • How much can one publicly celebrate herself...While I love your open heart. This is going too far. Including regularly mentioning your part in the film. We all know to well you've been NOMINATED for an acadamey award. There's a difference between. You have so much success what is it internally that u need? Can everything Chicago be bought. We dye the river for St. Patty's day. Now you have set a precedence for the river to be used for marketing purposes.

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