Tips on Participating in a Political Kiss-In

This Saturday from 1-2pm at the "Bean" also known as Cloudgate (probably the gayest sculpture in Chicago) gay rights activists and their friends will be holding a kiss in to celebrate LGBT love in all it's lovely shapes and forms and to draw attention to the sad reality that for same sex couples kissing in public spaces can be a dangerous thing.

Gay Kiss

A hot gay couple kisses during Market Days, 2008. Photo by Fausto Fernós,

The Great Nationwide Kiss-In was started by two bloggers - David Badash and David Mailloux - who believe that any person anywhere should be able to kiss whomever they want, whenever they want. We agree!

The best thing about going to a kiss-in by yourself is you may hook up with someone hot. I always think activism is best when it it delivers sexy results.

Here are some ideas on making the most of Saturday's kiss-in. See you there!

If PDA aren't your thing, you might want to consider just attending and cheering the lip-locked on. What's a PDA? A PDA is a TLA for Public Display of Affection. A TLA is a Three Letter Acronym. Read the jump for the whole list. A tiki bird kiss IMG_7096.jpg A tender kiss

  1. Arrive early! The good looking ones go fast. Approach the hottie you're wanting to lock lips with and ask them "Want to be my kissing partner?" Convince them it's for a good cause
  2. Bring some minty sugar-free gum to keep your breath fresh. Just don't lose it in your kissing partner's mouth.
  3. Dance with the one who took you. If you go with someone to a kiss in and wind up kissing somebody else, be prepared for some drama! Discuss opening your relationship up before the event. (Listen to our interview with polyamory advocate Tristan Taormino.)
  4. But, do let your freak flag fly freely! Why limit your kiss to just one other person? Try kissing two or three people at the same time. You might like it!
  5. If you're a guy please shave. Nobody likes a lot of stubble.
  6. Ladies and those in the know please wear that hooker red lipstick! Let them know you mean business.
  7. Ladies (and those who like to look like ladies), please wear that hooker red lipstick! Let them know you mean business.
  8. Add a little lubrication for all that kissing friction and moisturize those lips!
  9. Live a little! Don't be afraid to give them a little tongue. They aren't here to get a peck on their cheek from their grandma.
  10. Bring a camera, get a friend to take photos. Post your favorite pics on our Gay Chicago Flickr Group. The best ones will be posted here next week. (Always ask permission before you take anyone's photo.)


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  • great tips, Feast of Funners. Though I have to ask, is The Bean sculpture really gayer than

  • oops, i mean this:

  • In reply to AnnaPulley:

    I love that statue, sometimes I'll just go down to Grant Park, set up my chair and stare at it all day....

  • Wow. We could have used that pic for our bareback forum!

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