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From Number One to Number Two in 3 days: Potty Training Boot Camp

I’ve done a lot of research on potty training over the last couple years. I knew there would come a time when we could finally say GOODBYE to diapers and pull-ups. I kept seeing people posting about how they potty trained their two year old in just TWO days. TWO DAYS TO A POTTY TRAINED... Read more »

Tis the Season... a New Holiday Proposal...

In my world, holidays mean family. Period. I’m lucky because I have an awesome family. They are a colorful group of goofballs that are never even close to being politically correct or slow to make an inappropriate joke. I love them with all of my heart, and I am happy to share in the pleasure... Read more »

This Blogger Life: Breaking my own rules and admitting that I am not invincible

I set rules for myself all the time. I label them as goals, but they’re rules. I mean, a goal of not eating any fast food in the month of August is like making a rule for not eating fast food. I broke my rules. I broke rules that I found important to me. I... Read more »

A letter to my self-esteem, an apology for our disagreements

Dear Self-Esteem, Over the many years of my life, we have had a love-hate relationship. We’ve been through our share of rough moments. Sometimes between you and my ego I just go kind of crazy. I know we fight and argue a lot, but I need you. In our most recent disagreement you left and... Read more »

My 3 day diet attempt, a new guy, and August goals update

In my last post I discussed my goals for the month of August. I am happily well on track. It’s been 10 days in the month of August, and I am doing just fine! This makes me very excited and motivated. I decided to try this 3 day diet (I have never used a link... Read more »

I challenge me... August personal challenges past and present

It’s a new month! A new month is like a new year to me… a fresh start. I love the start of the month, especially when it falls on a Monday. I know August started on a Friday, but that’s fine. I can still start the month with new motivation… I have more time on... Read more »

I love you, Fitbit One... even if you point out my shortcomings

Dear Fitbit One, I know I’ve been upset the last couple of days because I found out that I could have bought you at a discount through the wellness program offered by my new employer, but I hope you don’t think that means that I don’t love you. I do. I really do love you.... Read more »

I think my scale is broken and it's making me look bad at my new job

So I started a new job this week. It has been quite an experience. I am a waste chemist in a highly regulated environment. The jump was pretty severe from my last job to the new one. I was a chemistry technician (entry level, low pay, grunt work) last week, now I’m a chemistry manager... Read more »

The effectiveness of time out, bribing with trains, and bedtime rituals

Time out is a tried and true punishment technique. I have utilized this technique very effectively many times… until this weekend. I very politely asked my son to clean his room. He said no. That’s fine, this is our “Do your chores” routine. I ask nicely and give him copious amounts of praise if he... Read more »

My next child will be named Patience

Patience is a virtue… so is tranquility… I guess I’m not so virtuous. Alright, so I’m not a patient person. Not even a little. I’m a lot like my toddler in that way. I want something and I want it NOW! I DO differ in that I can accept bad news with good. I can... Read more »