I love you, Fitbit One... even if you point out my shortcomings

Dear Fitbit One, I know I’ve been upset the last couple of days because I found out that I could have bought you at a discount through the wellness program offered by my new employer, but I hope you don’t think that means that I don’t love you. I do. I really do love you.... Read more »

I think my scale is broken and it's making me look bad at my new job

So I started a new job this week. It has been quite an experience. I am a waste chemist in a highly regulated environment. The jump was pretty severe from my last job to the new one. I was a chemistry technician (entry level, low pay, grunt work) last week, now I’m a chemistry manager... Read more »

The effectiveness of time out, bribing with trains, and bedtime rituals

Time out is a tried and true punishment technique. I have utilized this technique very effectively many times… until this weekend. I very politely asked my son to clean his room. He said no. That’s fine, this is our “Do your chores” routine. I ask nicely and give him copious amounts of praise if he... Read more »

My next child will be named Patience

Patience is a virtue… so is tranquility… I guess I’m not so virtuous. Alright, so I’m not a patient person. Not even a little. I’m a lot like my toddler in that way. I want something and I want it NOW! I DO differ in that I can accept bad news with good. I can... Read more »
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    Amy Lucille

    I'm an overweight single mother (of the only-parent variety). I just finished my Masters degree in Chemistry (while working full time.. EEK!). I am trying to get my life in order, keep my little guy happy and lose a little weight in the process... shouldn't be too hard, right?! RIGHT?! Oh, did I mention... in addition to all that... we've got some serious terror in these terrible two's which should make for some interesting posts :) Stay tuned!

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