Chicago  +  Fashion = Fashionably Second


Well.... the truth of it may be we’re more like Chicago is fashionably sixth or seventh.... (and according to GQ I think we’re more like fashionably WORST) but never the less, this blog is meant to be a fun, slightly voyeuristic, look at Chicago’s Fashion Industry and Chicagoan’s Style.

The goal  is to keep the content light, but interesting, with(GASP) occasionally useful information.

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"Chicagoans like to hedge descriptions of their style with, "It's not New York, and it's not LA..." It's self-conscious Midwestern. Lucky for them, harsh 11 ½-month winters serve to excuse a look that screams third-coast-insecurity: The Parka Pierogi. Ingredients: Blown-out Nikes; torn cargoes; favorite novelty T-shirt; Bears/Bulls/Blackhawks hoodie—all wrapped up in a totally nondescript parka. Are those things municipal-issue?"—Robert Fischer, GQ June 2011