Hello! My name is Mary-Kate Arnold, but you may call me the Fantasy Queen of Chicago.

I'm a long time lover of fantasy, actress with Otherworld Theatre Company, and a woman who believes that every year is her prime. I aim to spread the love and enjoyment of all things Fantasy in our glorious Kingdom of Chicago.

I believe that the exploration of Fantasy is vital to our human existence, interpersonal relationships, and how we view the world around us. Fantasy permeates pop culture, politics, fashion, and romance.

Do you need dating advice? Look no further than the complicated relationships on Game of Thrones! Are you hoping to explore the darker side of your personality? Let me show you how to cosplay as a Bellatrix Lestrange! Do you have short and hairy friends who are constantly hungry? I've got some great healthy Hobbit snack options for you! Do you want the abs and attitude of Wonder Woman? Let me show you some moves!

I hereby dedicate this blog to adventure, cosplay, media criticism, reviews, advice, and everything in between!